Your thyroid and Weight loss

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Your thyroid and Weight loss

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but losing weight is not going to get rid of your low thyroid symptoms. 

I don’t know how many docs have suggested you “just lose weight, you’ll feel better”… but I know how frustrating that can be, especially since it’s not like you haven’t TRIED!  It just won’t budge.

I feel you, boo.

Yours truly was 12% body fat when I “caught the hypo” so losing weight didn’t help me.
But eventually, I started gaining weight for no reason, just like everyone else.

And just like everyone else,  I thought that meant I needed to work out harder and eat less in order for everything to fall into place. 

Your thyroid and Weight loss

But that did not work.
In fact the opposite happened.

So why is it that no matter how hard you try to lose weight you just can’t shake it?! 


It’s not as simple as a calories in vs. calories out equation when you’re dealing with a thyroid issue.
There’s a lot more going on in your body besides just hanging on to some extra fat.

So do yourself a favor, and stop fixating on the weight issue.thyroid, health, energy, how to, hypo, weight loss, weight gain

Even though you’ve heard it time and time again “you just need to lose weight” or “if you lost weight then you’d have more energy”.  That thought process can do a lot more harm than good when you have thyroid disease.

Let’s zoom out and look at what’s actually happening with your entire body.

When you have a thyroid issue your body is in an energy crisis – and also in survival mode.
When your body is in survival mode it does everything possible to conserve every ounce of fat and energy that it can.
That’s why you’re gaining weight, and also, why you’re next level exhausted.

So you can restrict your calories more and more, and you can try to work out harder and harder, but that’s only going to increase your symptoms.  All that does is send your body even stronger stress signals, which in turn sends it deeper into energy conservation, locking you into survival mode which is NOT where you want to be.

Your body needs a little jumpstart so it can get out of survival mode and to a place where it feels safe enough to let go of the fat reserves that it’s been storing up.

Your thyroid and Weight lossHere are two things I recommend you start doing now… 

  1. More Non-Stress Movement. If you’re in survival mode, you’re going to get FAR better results from things like yoga and walking than you will from an intense workout. So walk A LOT.  You’ll see the benefit, I promise!
  2. Don’t do KETO or restrict your calories … unless of course you’re looking for a quick way to slow down thyroid function even more.  In which case you should definitely try KETO and restrict your calories.

It all boils down to this — do you want to keep fighting a losing battle or do you want to do something that’s actually going to work?!  That was rhetorical of course 😉

For a few super easy things that you can do to feel amazing right now, AND have weight loss be a happy little side effect – check out my latest podcast Eat Like THIS, Move Like THAT


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