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Workout Weight Gain

So you just finished a new workout program/routine… you stuck with it perfectly, and just knew this was going to be the one that got you results from … but instead, you gained weight…  yet again. 

I know how you landed on my blog…

Google Search Bar:  “working out but gaining weight” 


No, I’m not reading your diary, although word on the street is that it’s a pretty juicy read!
(I kid.  Gotta keep a sense of humor when you’re gaining weight for no good reason!)

But in all seriousness, of all times to keep a sense of humor, it’s when cellulite is taking a holiday cruise around your backside.

First of all let me say this – you are not crazy, it’s not your fault, and there is no secret workout you’re missing out on.

The majority of my clients are just like you… they come to me in desperation after trying all the bootcamps, 2xday workouts, spin class, and crossfit to no avail.  They still can’t shake a pound and they’re pissed about it.

And my response to that…  You’re not losing weight because you’re doing everything wrong.  Which doesn’t go over well at first (as you’d expect) but once I help them loose the weight, they love me again!

I did the EXACT same thing you’ve done… 
Before/During/and AFTER my hypothyroid diagnosis.. I was gaining weight like crazy too.  And what did I do to combat it?  Worked out more, did longer workouts, harder workouts, and of course, restricted my calories too… because #duh, that’s the formula, right?!


I’ve come to realize that weight loss with thyroid disease is somewhat of an enigma to most – and that’s because the answer to the riddle is the opposite of what most people think, but it’s right in front of your face!

Bottom line:  You can’t expect your body to respond like someone with a healthy metabolism. If you have low thyroid function, you don’t have a healthy metabolism!  So I don’t give a shit what anyone on IG is doing for a workout even if they have a 13 pack and glutes you can bounce a quarter off of.  If they don’t have a thyroid issue – they don’t get an opinion on how YOU should lose weight.

Let me explain… 

When you have low thyroid function your body is in an Energy Crisis.  Symptoms of an energy crisis include fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, hair loss, and weight gain.

You with me so far?  Good, moving on.

So you’re in an Energy Crisis. Then, you ask your body to expend even more energy (in an intense workout, or cardio session). What do you expect to happen?

Now take the already unfortunate weight gain associated with a depressed metabolism (aka: thyroid disease aka: energy crisis). Add in extra tough workouts, calorie restriction, extra stress, and body shaming (I know you do it or you wouldn’t be reading this blog). What do you have?  Survival Mode.

And what happens in Survival Mode?  Your body holds onto every tiny little thing that could possibly be a source of energy (aka: storing up fat). That’s because it doesn’t have enough energy output to support your other NECESSARY body systems.

workout, gain weight, hypo, hypothyroid, thyroid, tired, energy, healthy, why, cardio, calories, thyroid jumpstart, metabolism, holistic, naturalGET IT?!  

That’s why your hair will start falling out, your reproductive system gets jacked, and you put on weight like crazy… something has to give!  And your body is significantly more concerned with keeping your brain, heart, and other necessary organs fed and working.

There’s a very specific formula that needs to be followed in order to get your body OUT of Survival Mode and out of an Energy Crisis!  You can get that formula in my latest podcast Eat Like THIS, Move Like THAT.  Download it HERE.



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