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Winter Skincare

Summer skincare is so easy, isn’t it?  I mean, you get a little oily, hit it with an oil blotter, and you’re good to go.

Winter skincare however ..  totally different. I mean, what’s the protocol when cold weather literally chaps your face like a babys ass?!  

Truth be told I have it pretty easy living in Nashville.
Winter here is pretty mild.
And by pretty mild, as I type this on December 30th, it’s legit 70 degrees outside.

I’m sweating a little to be honest.
But on a recent trip to South Dakota last month, my skin experienced a full blown Code: chapped like a babys ass.

It was approximately 2 degrees, windy as balls, AND I got sick. 
I’m not sure if it was all the nose blowing or 2 degree winds blowing at 40mph that chapped my face, but something did it.

And… I was jazzed about it.

My family lives in the freezing cold tundra of South Dakota and have been telling me about their dry, chapped face woes for years.  This was finally my opportunity to experience it first hand and figure out the riddle. It was a real MacGuyver moment for me.

I was legit excited to have a reason to sit in the bathroom and figure out the winter skincare blues.  Even thought about writing a song about it. Have I mentioned I have a flair for the dramatics? I digress.

Assuming you’re not a skincare geek like yours truly, I’ll skip the detailed rundown of how I MacGuyver’d my way out of Code: chapped like a babys ass. Just know that I did.  I MacGuyver’d it so hard. But rest assured, a full report will be given in our New Year newsletter.

Winter Skincare 101:

#1: Repeat after me… NO FOAMING CLEANSERS EVER!  There’s a time and place for foaming cleansers, but winter is not it.  Foaming cleansers just add to the chappedness (<- probably not a word) Stick with a CREAMY, oil based cleanser.  Something that’s hydrating and soothing. Preferably something with many different oils. Preferably something with natural hyaluronic acid.  And of course, use your SKIN Pre-Cleanse before you cleanse, people! For the love of God. That stuff preps your face, it’s so gentle, so soothing, and your skin needs it in the winter like mama needs a hot toddy.

#2:  Exfoliating is crucial for healthy glowing skin, no matter the season.  But during the winter time, I put down my beloved physical exfoliation and opt for a peel.  Makes a HUGE difference to trade abrasives for a peel. Something like a serum or cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a great option. (AHA) are natural acids that help your skin’s natural shedding process. And since we’re not out in the sun all day in the winter, that makes it the PERFECT time to get your peel on. 

#3:  If you’re someone who uses a lot of “actives” in your skincare … salicylic acid, AHA’s, Hyaluronic acid, Retinol, Vitamin C, etc… alternate their use.  Give your skin REST days where you keep your skincare very simple and focused on healing your skin, instead of changing your skin. Actives are great, but during the winter when your skin is literally getting cut by the cold and wind, it needs some extra time to heal and breathe.  

#4: Like your winter wardrobe, your winter skincare needs to be applied in THIN layers.  Heavy creams are surprisingly NOT helpful in the winter. They feel delicious going on, but they don’t actually get to the root of the dry chapped skin, nor do they prevent it.  I found that mixing 2 drops of SKIN Hydrating Beauty oil with 1 drop of SKIN Perfecting Night oil works like WHOA. It’s quite the dynamic duo! I think this mix might be a tish too much in summertime, but it’s the perfect RX in winter.  But whatever you’re using, just make sure to apply thin layers, preferably oil based because oil penetrates much deeper into the skin than lotions and creams.

#5: Night time is the right time:  When you sleep, your skin rejuvenates.  So take advantage of that precious time by adding a thin layer of oil to seal in all the goodness into your skin.  Of course I use SKIN Perfecting Night Oil for this. Before bed, after double cleansing, I apply 2-3 drops of SKIN Hydrating Beauty Oil.. let it sink in.. and then pat 2-3 drops of SKIN Perfecting Night oil into the skin.  Instead of rubbing it in, in the winter, I pat and push it into the skin. Again, if you’re not using SKIN Perfecting Night oil, just use something to seal… I don’t even care if you slather vaseline on your face. Ok, I care a little.. But you get the idea. 

#6: Sunscreen:  Yes, you still need sunscreen in the winter.  You need that extra thin layer of protection during the day.  I mean, the last thing you want is chapped, wind burned, AND sunburned skin, right? Just make sure to use a non-comedogenic, mineral sunscreen.  This is one I’ve been incorporating for years.

Summer skincare is so easy, isn’t it? Winter skincare however.. totally different. I mean, what’s the protocol when cold weather literally chaps your face like a babys ass?!

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