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Winter skin hack

Winter’s not all bad.  I mean, we get layers, hot toddies, Jenny MCcarthy in rare form on NYE, and SANTA!   

However, there are a few less than stellar side effects to mention.

Case in point: dry, itchy, crocodile-esque skin settling in and make itself at home on your face.

Not cute.  No one wants that.

I came from the cold tundra of South Dakota so I know what’s up….

Heat on your face in the car, hot showers cuz you’re cold AF all the time, dry air…  How do you beat dry, winter skin?

In this episode…My secret for keeping my skin hydrated all winter long! . . . beauty, confidence, health, skin, dry, dry skin, winter skin

  • Learn my hack for extreme hydration
  • Find out the correct order to layer products
  • Discover why your lotion isn’t cutting it

Get the goods here:

Baking soda

Odacite Night Serum

Burt Bees Body Lotion


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