Why I Created a Skincare Line

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Why I Created a Skincare Line

Brace yourself, sister. We did it. We created a mother flipping SKINcare line!  

AHHHHHH!  This has been a dream of mine for so long, and it’s HERE!!!  
(cut to me having a full on Oprah moment “and YOU get a CAAAAARRRRRR!!”)

I created SKIN for YOU.
I want YOU to freaking LOVE your SKIN!

Because Great Skin Is So Rock and Roll!!!  

And to be honest.. this has been the most fun, most authentic, and consequently the scariest project we (my Team and I, cuz BELIEVE this is not a one man show) have ever done.

It has taken A LOT of work, A LOT of risks, A LOT of energy, A LOT of time, and A LOT of silencing the voices in my head that constantly tried to talk me out of it.   

And It even challenged me on a spiritual level, to the point that Jesus had to have a word with me via Dwayne Johnson??!

Allow me to explain…

In this episode…

  • Why I created SKIN
  • How this project was born

Order the SKINcare line now!

I'm laying out why I created a SKINcare line! . . . skin, skincare, oils, facial oils, fitrockerchick, fit rocker chick
  1. Joanne Hughes says:

    Hi Erin!! I’m interested in your skin care line. I have breast cancer, finished chemo, going through radiation now and will eventually be on a chemo pill. The hair on my face has come back 10 fold, I looked like a baboon so I microdermabladed my face and it looks so much better. I have oily skin and very large pores, blackheads and an occasional zit. I have many age spots. Will this line help?? Thank you!

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