Why “Diets” don’t work!

It’s always something… Low Carb, Low Fat, NO Carb, Raw, Paleo, Zone, Atkins, Green tea, or even worse – deliberately DEPRIVING yourself of food so you can “eat what you want” later.  What the heck is up with that?!  No wonder everyone is so stinkin confused about what to eat.   As someone in the fitness industry, I really feel for the people buy  into fad after fad hoping to stumble upon that miracle pill or potion only to be left with empty promises, poor self esteem, and right back where they started.  There is a reason why diets don’t work… and it all comes back around to why you feel you NEED a diet in the first place.

You know I’m always in your corner, right?  You know I only want the very best for you, and for you to live your happiest life.  That being said… I have to lovingly tell you that, no “diet” is going to keep you from overeating, or eating junk, if that’s your m.o.  You have to know WHY you overeat, or WHY you eat junk.  If someone brings cake into the room and you can’t stop thinking about that CAKE, chances are you’re going to face plant into 1 big piece (wishing you could have 2 more slices) throw the whole days “diet” out the window by eating junk because you “already messed up”, and then spend the next few days feeling horrible about yourself – all over a stupid piece of cake!  UGH.  I get fired up about this because I’ve been there.  I’ve been in that place where I thought I knew what healthy eating looked like, and I thought I was doing the “right things”.  Now I’m in the best place, the place where I can see cake and only have a couple bites simply because it’s delicious!  I don’t have that deprivation signaling me to inhale every last bit of cake in sight because I “should’t” eat cake.  Does that make sense?  I’m not deprived so I don’t feel the need to devour a whole cake or a whole anything for that matter.  See, you don’t need a diet, you need to feel satisfied and no longer deprived.  Deprivation is what triggers binges – But the tricky part is that the satisfaction you seek from food, won’t EVER come from food.  Ya feel me?

So let me ask you, if you are suffering through your “healthy living”, how long do you think that fad is going to last?  Being miserable is NOT healthy.  #Duh  Being skinny is different than being fit.  Being thin is different than being strong.  You don’t want to be drained, unhappy, cranky, hungry, and lack zest for life… NO!  You want to be energized, filled with laughter, satisfied, happy, and fun!

Bottom line, all those fad diets are stupid and they don’t work!  DIETS DON’T WORK.  They ultimately leave you feeling deprived and giving food WAY too much power.  Food is to sustain your life and for you to enjoy, that’s it.  If someone tells me to eat low carb, all I’m going to think about is that bowl of pasta I can’t eat.  If someone tells me to eat low fat, I’m probably going to want some ice cream.  If someone tells me to only eat raw food, well… that’s just not going to happen 🙂   See my point?!  So the question is really, Why do you think you NEED a diet?  Why or How is your eating out of control?  What are you trying to avoid by dieting?  Figure out what it is, DEFINE IT, and deal with it.  If you eat junk, knock it off! For crying out loud, do it for the sake of you and your family.  Start trying to become healthier every day!

Here are some signs you are depriving yourself…

  • You inhale food at warp speed instead of enjoying it or the company of the people you’re with
  • When food is present, all you can think about is food
  • You think in terms of “I can’t eat that”
  • You punish yourself or think negatively about yourself after you eat a “bad” meal

Here are some tips to help you get on a healthier track…

  • Eat WHOLE FOODS.  Unprocessed food that once GREW!
  • Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full.  Not FULL and uncomfortable or full to a really tight stomach, just full and satisfied.
  • Move more!  Exercise gets the blood pumping, endorphins going, and leaves you feeling energized!
  • Get some sleep!  People who get good quality sleep have better overall health and tend to lose weight more effectively.
  • Don’t think of any foods as “off limits”.  MODERATION is Key!

If you want to join my Hot & Healthy Challenge – leave me a comment or email me at Erin@FitRockerChick.com ASAP!  It’s a 30 day challenge – I’m asking you to give me 1 Month to teach you habits and easy choices that will last you a LIFETIME!!! It’s definitely NOT about hours in the gym, depriving yourself, or feeling bad about yourself… it’s about Fun, Fitness, Real Food, and MY SUPPORT!  No more Yo-Yo, No more desperately trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • A meal plan
  • 1 meal a day INCLUDED
  • All your workouts
  • A group of bad@$$es who are in it with ya!
  • And ME coaching you along the way, DAILY!

Everyone wants more energy, a leaner body, to LOVE their workout instead of suffering thru it, and to feel more confident! You can live not only a healthy lifestyle, but an AWESOME lifestyle that you LOVE… one that’s full of Fun and Energy and I want to share that with YOU!

The DEADLINE to join this group is Tuesday, March 11th. HOWEVER, since Spring Break is just around the corner and I know how bad you want to feel CONFIDENT and FIT. So – if you COMMIT and join by this Monday, March 10th I will send you an additional 5 day meal plan and a 5 day sample workout schedule taken from my PERSONAL workouts! If you’re IN – send me a MESSAGE ASAP! Once the clock strikes midnight on March 9th, this deal is GONE.

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  1. maria gonzalez says:

    I would like to join the challenge, but I am currently semi vegetarian. I don’t eat chicken or red meats but I do eat fish. I have, however, been contemplating the idea of adding meats to my diet for a few months. Over the past 3 months or so I have become very active (gym 6 days out of the week) and I love it. My main goal is to build some muscle, but I feel that I need to add more meat for protein because fish and other protein alternatives might not cut it for my goals. What do you think ? If I should add meats then I’m all for it. I have my mind set on my goals and I will do what it takes. Sign me up if you think it’s a good idea 🙂


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