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What’s in My Bag

I’m gonna be real with you.. I don’t even like purses. Some of my friends will spend $$$$ on a bag and I’m like “WHO ARE YOU?!”.

Bible – I leave my purse in the car most of the time.

I mean, who needs all that extra weight when they’re trying to live their life orpower shop through whole foods? Not me. Plus, it’s really hard to give someone a roundhouse kick to the face when you’ve got an extra 20lbs on one shoulder.. hypothetically speaking.. not that I’ve tried.

Irregardless, I NEVER leave home without my purse! Because although it might hinder my ninja like moves if I were caught in a vicious food court take down… it serves as my lifeline in a number of other ways.

In this episode…

  • Learn what I never leave home without (not including the diva cup)
  • My favorite truck stop find
  • What’s JUST as important as your driver’s license
  • See exactly what’s inside my purse (UNPLANNED)

Things from my purse:


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