Fit Rocker Chick

I’m comin’ for ya, UK!

You may have already heard that Beachbody is launching in the UK in Fall 2017..

Wondering what that means?

Well, there are two sides to Team Beachbody you can take advantage of!

First there’s the client/customer side… That means that I am FINALLY able to take on my UK peeps as clients!! And as your coach,I will be able to mentor and guide you as you dial in your nutrition and MOVE your body in the healthiest way possible. You will also be able to join my bootcamps!! #helltotheyeah

Team Boss Chicks International


You can claim a spot on Team BOSS CHICKS and join as a Team Beachbody Coach. . Your job on Team Boss Chicks is to help others achieve their health and fitness goals and SHOW UP to give daily motivation and support. I am a 3X Elite Coach and will mentor and train you as you begin this new endeavor. All you need is passion, drive & wi-fi. You do not have to be in close proximity to me in order to take advantage of what Team Boss Chicks has to offer and my support. We hang via Facebook & Zoom.

I cannot wait to be able to share this incredible opportunity with you!! I know you’re going to rock this out and it’s going to be LIFE CHANGING!

Make sure you fill out the form and join my Facebook group to get all the deets!!