Thyroid Jumpstart started out as a mistake

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Thyroid Jumpstart started out as a mistake

I am not the same person that I was just a few years ago. 

The me in 2013 didn’t like who I was becoming on the inside or the outside and I just felt like I was in a different place, and in a different body. 

Even looking back on pictures of myself from then, it doesn’t feel like the same person.   It was rough. I…

  • was disappointed with where I was in life.
  • wasn’t happy with my job.
  • was the most stressed I’d ever been in my life.
  • was gaining weight.
  • wasn’t happy with my surroundings or with the people who were around me.
  • was depressed.

Anxiety was starting to creep in when years prior I remember having a conversation with my friends saying, “What is anxiety?” I didn’t even understand the concept because I had been a happy person, a fairly high-energy person for the majority of my life. And then suddenly, I’m depressed, I’m sad, I’m anxious, and starting to really understand what anxiety means.

I had been consistently working out every day, eating healthy, but I was putting on weight no matter what I did.

It was like everything about where I was in my life seemed to be just going wrong.

I knew something was wrong.

I hadn’t had my period in three years.
That was partially due to my leanness.
I’m a former over-exerciser and restrictive eater.

Restricting your calories, over-exercising, being in a very chronic stressed state, not liking where you are in life or what you’re doing is the perfect storm for creating a health issue within yourself which is exactly what I did.

I take full responsibility for causing my health issue and ultimately ending up with Hypothyroid. I don’t try to sugar coat that, I believe there was a lot I could have done to prevent it. 

It all started with simple things… like when I’d wake up in the morning I had no energy, no matter how much sleep I got.  Even getting ready for the day was exhausting (and I LOVE getting ready)!

It was exhausting to think about even feeding my dogs or even having a conversation with someone. Exhausting.

And it kept progressing…

So I went to a doctor for some blood work – to which they said, “You’re fine. Everything looks normal. Should I prescribe an antidepressant or maybe you should try yoga.”

I have always been a very intuitive person, so I said, “I know I’m not depressed.  I know something is wrong.” … so I found another doctor.

Same thing.
Doc: “You’re totally fine.”
Me: “I am not fine.”

So I went to a hormone specialist. They did my blood work and said “You’re fine, but it looks like you may need some hormone replacement therapy.”  So I tried that for a little bit…  worst idea ever.

That’s when I decided enough was enough.  No one could figure out what was going on – so I took matters into my own hands…. something I should have done months before!

I did my own research, took an extensive list of labs that I needed to be tested for, and like magic (when you get the right testing done they can actually see the bigger picture) they said, “Oh, your body is actually not producing a thyroid hormone. Your thyroid is not functioning well.”


I thought to myself “Ok  cool, that’s what’s happening!”

They wanted to prescribe me medication and I took the prescription home with me and didn’t fill it.

I didn’t know what hypothyroid was. But I knew I could undo it, I just knew it.

When I got home and started asking people about it (including Dr. Google) then I got scared.
People keep giving me like this doomsday prognosis saying things like I was going to have to be on medication my whole life, going to gain weight my whole life, I would never be able to have kids, and that I was going to struggle with depression.

I was like “I already have that!  So I’m going to FIGHT. I’m already dealing with those things, so I don’t have anything to lose by trying!”

It was one of those SCREW EVERYONE AND THEIR OPINIONS – Tell me not to do something and I’m going to do it twice and take pictures – moments. 

But in truth, I was scared and I felt alone.
I felt all by myself.

And what I wish that I had, was someone to say, “Yo, I’ve been there. I know what this is, I know what it feels like, and I am here to tell you, you can get yourself out. This is how you do it, this is the recipe, just follow my lead and you’re going to get there.”

That’s what I wanted.  And that’s why I created the Thyroid Jumpstart.  That’s why.

Because I cannot stand the thought of another girl in the same situation that I was in, looking at this diagnosis thinking, they’re doomed to a life of weight gain, unhappiness, barrenness, moodiness, and poppin’ pills to get through the day.

I wanted to do something about it.

So after I got my diagnosis, I got very determined to figure it out. I…

  • wrote everything down.
  • tracked everything that worked and everything that didn’t.
  • tried things that didn’t work before I found what did.
  • tried things that set me two steps back before I took one step forward… but I was not scared.
  • was determined enough to figure it out that I wasn’t scared to fail.

In this whole process, I’ve tried so many things that have set me steps behind where I was to try to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  I found out what’s bullshit and what actually is legit.  And I know what’s going to help rebuild your energy and rebuild your body and help your thyroid to function again.

I was not scared to mess up because I knew that this could help other people.

In the back of my head was always this thought of “if I can actually do this, then I’m going to help some other people.”

And that’s why the Thyroid Jumpstart is even here is because I did figure it out.

But the funny thing is … Thyroid Jumpstart started as just a mistake. It all started as a mistake! 

I was so sick and so tired and just so unhappy … but I was a fitness coach trying to help other people get energy, lose weight, feel great. And I was like, “Oh, my gosh. The jig is up. Who is ever going to work with me?”

I was this girl dealing with a major health issue and I’m trying to help them with their health?  WHAT THE WHAT?

But then I realized I could help them by figuring just one thing at a time, so that’s what I did.

I’d figure out one trick that helped me, I would share that with my clients at the time, and then they started feeling better just from that one tiny little tip!

I was like, “OMG.. I wonder if I can come up with another tip that will help.”

So I started digging, kept working on myself, and kept working on myself.

What started out as one tip became five, and then became 10.  And suddenly I had this sort of messy kind of puzzle I put together made up of things that I knew were working for me, that I felt confident sharing with other people.

So I did.

And then suddenly, I had people beating down my door to help them figure out how to get more energy and have less Hypothyroid symptoms!

I sent my clients a message saying “Dude’s, I’m trying to figure this out for myself.”  To which they replied, “We trust you and we feel alone, please help us”

And that was it. I was like, “Oh, no. No, no, no, you’re not alone. I know what it feels like to be alone. You’re not alone, I got you.”

So I started helping them one by one by one. And then over time, I created this system.
I figured out what worked.

I figured out what worked for me, I shared that with them and it ended up working for them too.

But here’s the thing, if it wasn’t for them, I don’t know that I would have dug myself out so quickly.

If it wasn’t for other people saying, “can you help me” I don’t know if I would have persevered as long as I did and really dug as deep as I did to get to the root.

So I owe everything to the clients who trusted me in the beginning.

The ones who said, “I believe in you. You’re doing the research. I see how it’s worked for you. Teach me how to do this.”

And because of that whole process, the Thyroid Jumpstart is here.

And the point of all of it is to share what I have learned with other people so they don’t have to learn the lessons the hard way.

That’s what I want. I don’t want anyone else who’s dealing with a hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, or a Hashimoto’s diagnosis to feel like they are alone or like this is the end for them, because that’s not the truth.

It’s my mission to help people understand that they can take control of their health, that they’re not in this alone, and I want to give my research and the jumpstart method to the world.

I want to show you guys this is what works.
I want you to get there so much faster than I did!

It took me years to figure this out and now I’m mapping everything out for you.
And trying to keep it as simple as possible so that you have so much to celebrate with each step.

The way that this whole program is mapped out is to give you success quickly in one area or another.

Myself, my family, and my husband…  we’re all pretty excited that me using myself as a human guinea pig has paid off and I’m able to help you guys to sift through all the confusing information out there and just to give you what works.

And I am proof that it DOES work. 

My outlook has always been this, I don’t want to learn from just anyone – I want to learn from someone who has done it.

Anyone can read a book, anyone can write an article, do research, but have those people actually done what they’re talking about?

You’re probably like me- I don’t want to learn about business from someone who teaches business, I want to learn about business from someone who has built an awesome business.  Marriage- again, I don’t want to learn about marriage from someone who has taken courses and read books on marriage. I want to learn about marriage from someone whose had a rock solid marriage for 50 years or more, you know what I’m saying?!

I don’t want to learn about health from someone who has not been there and and done that – so I hope you know you can trust me.

I’m not a doctor. I am just a girl who was determined to change her life and take control of her health when no one else would listen.

You need to know that you know you are not alone, that I’ve got your back, and that you can do this.

So let’s do this.  Join Thyroid Jumpstart NOW –


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