The trick to lasting weight loss

How many years has “lose weight” been one of your New Year’s Resolutions?  Weight loss is the number one goal for so many people every year, yet some people treat it like an impossible thing to achieve.

I’ve been there before. I’ve made those resolutions and said “This is it, this is the year.” I’ve stood in line to checkout at the grocery store and envied those six-pack abs and beach bodies on the cover of Shape. In fact, I remember looking at those magazines and thinking, “I will never be like that. How is that even possible?”

I found the answer to that question though … make a change your body doesn’t expect!  Make a major change!

I also found the one additional change that actually makes lasting weight loss possible and sustainable: adopting a gluten-free diet.  

This is not a joke. This is not me preaching to you for the 500th time about why you should go gluten-free. This is serious, for serious people who want serious weight loss. It worked for me, it worked for my husband, it worked for at least a dozen other people I’ve personally worked with who dropped 10 pounds in the first 30 days because they made a change their body didn’t expect but desperately needed.

Gluten can halt your weight loss big time. Gluten causes your body to have inflammation, brain fog, fatigue and slow digestion; it exacerbates arthritis, anxiety, depression and weight gain. It can literally be the one thing standing between you and weight loss.

Even if you’re working out consistently and eating clean and maintain an active lifestyle, you can still feel like crap and pack the pounds if you continue to feed your body gluten.

How many hours have you spent on the treadmill or lifting weights without seeing any results? How many times have you gone on an unsustainable yo-yo diet, restricting your calories and binge eating and repeating that process with no lasting satisfaction? You can count all the calories you want and repeat the same workout as often as you’d like, but your body will get used to that and stop responding.


Your body gets bored with repetition. Whenever you do the same things over and over, your body gets smart. You can’t outsmart your body. It’s a freaking genius!

So why not throw something at it like a gluten-free diet to throw it off. Not only will it respond to a new habit, it will continue to respond because you’re finally feeding it foods it can handle. When you give your body whole foods, it knows how to properly breakdown and process those. Nothing gets stored as fat.

If you’re ready to go gluten-free, check out my other blog posts or read up on my Gluten Free Fundamentals guide.

Don’t expect perfection overnight. You’ve been eating the same way forever, it takes a minute for your body to understand the changes you’re making. You do you and take it slow if you need to.