That time I wanted to kick my own ass…

What’s up lovely?!  It’s my birthday this weekend and I’m feeling all kinds of reminiscent.

I get messages daily from people struggling with low or no energy, feeling down, feeling depressed, gaining weight, losing hope, feeling frustrated, and a stone’s throw away from giving their doctor a roundhouse kick to the face!  All they want to know is “What did you do to fix this, Erin?”

I wish the answer was a simple one that I could just email back, but it’s not.

You can see with your own eyes that I have crazy energy, feel amazing, and can maintain a strong, lean physique.. But there is an element to my “success” that I never shared and no one really saw.

If I didn’t get REAL with you about this today, it would feel… off.

I rebuilt my cellular energy and metabolism from the ground up, but there’s a part of the story I left out.

It was freaking hard work…

I cried so many tears and punched more pillows throughout my recovery process than I’d like to admit.  Every emotion you can think of, I felt it repeatedly, and at times I questioned whether I’d ever get here.  I don’t refer to it as my “thyroid fight” for nothing!

Then one day it hit me.

Sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store I realized – I wanted it to be easier.  I wanted to restore my health naturally and I wanted it to be all sunshine and roses, with me reigning victorious.  

You see, I only got so frustrated because it was hard, correction, freaking hard –  and I forgot what my real mission was.

That was when I stopped doing the work for myself …

I started envisioning the other people I could help, the women who needed me, my husband who needed his sassy wife back, and I knew in my soul that what seemed like torture at the time was all for a purpose!  

So fast forward a couple a months and there I sat at a dinner with my friends – and I realized something.  

There was only one person in the room that couldn’t see how far I’d come, and that was me.

Ummm, no bueno.

If I was making progress so much that other people could tell, why wasn’t I able to see it?

Turns out no amount of strategy or plans could fix the big issue… I was comparing myself to myself when I was not necessarily my healthiest, but my thinnest.  

When my friend said, “You look amazing and you seem so much happier.. I’m so proud of you!”

I said “thank you”, but I thought something to myself that makes me want to kick my own ass just thinking about it…

“Yeah but I used to be  _________”  – knock yourself out and fill in the blank with whatever unfortunate comparison that comes to mind.

(that sentence literally makes me want to punch myself in the face.. Now you know why I punch pillows 😉 )

And the worst part?

I didn’t even realize my brain was the hot mess express.

I used to be Princess Postive Pants, so this realization had me slightly horrified.  I knew I had to put the kibosh on whatever the heck this negative nancy BS was… And pronto.

***Cue the Family Feud Style Buzzer**

But there’s one thing I NOW KNOW for sure…

The “work” starts with change- eating energizing foods, working out in a strategic way, supplementing correctly, regulating stress, and getting enough sleep – BUT the biggest work happens between your own two ears.


You NEED to KNOW… you MUST be on YOUR side.

No one else can do the work for you.  

YOU have to do this.

It IS going to be hard, it IS going to be ONE baby step at a time!  

But it’s going to be damn near impossible if you keep beating yourself up.

You’re not going to get any farther ahead with someone telling you you suck every step of the way.

Got it?!

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The dopest part?

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I know it works, because I’ve done it!

And not to be a total girl, but we’re not that different, you and me!  😉

I don’t waste my time with frills, I want what WORKS.

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See ya there!!!


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