Staying on Track While You Travel

I have been traveling as a touring musician for the majority of my life, so at this point staying on track when I travel is second nature to me. It’s something that comes very easily and therefore something that I get asked about a lot!

There are a couple things that I think are very crucial to staying on track during travel and I want to share a few of my best tips with you!



#1 – Control what you can control before you even leave!  What I mean by that is to prepare. I bring all of my supplements with me and I bring snacks with me every single time I travel.

A couple crucial supplements that I bring with me are…

a) Shakeology: because that is one meal of the day that I know is guaranteed to give me energy and the nutrients I need.  I bring with me every single time I travel.

b) Probiotic: because I know that digestive issues come up and bloating can be an issue for people when they travel, so I always make sure that I bring probiotics.

c) Magnesium: Magnesium is great for sleep and digestion, which are things that are effected when you travel. (the brand of magnesium I recommend is at 

d) Cascara Sagrada:  IF I’m going to be sitting a lot and may get constipated.  Typically when I’m sitting for long periods of time that will effect me, so I’ll bring Cascara Sagrada just in case.

You can fly on an airplane with Shakeology and you can fly on an airplane with all your supplements… just get a basic pill container from Walgreens and take them along.  Another thing that I bring with me in controlling what I can control is SNACKS!  Macadamia nuts, cashews, turkey jerky, and some fruit.. I can bring all of those with me on a plane when I travel.


#2 –  Your First Stop MATTERS!  No matter what, no matter where I’m going or traveling to my first stop after the plane lands, or after we park the car is to go to the nearest grocery store and to stock up on things that I can have.

If I’m staying in a hotel, I will call the front desk before I land to see if I can get a refrigerator brought to my room. Often times they’ll bring you a refrigerator for free. Often times there’s already a refrigerator in your room.  I’ve had a rare case where there is no refrigerator, and there’s no refrigerator available. In those cases I will bring a little cooler or buy a little cooler when I get there. I don’t need a lot, but every time I go to the grocery store I will get some coconut milk, some fruit, and just a few other snacks. Maybe some goji berries, maybe a Larabar, some nitrate free deli meat, and a big case of water. Those are my crucial elements whenever I am traveling, and it just takes a quick stop at the grocery store and get those things.
#3 – Plan workouts ahead of time!  If you’re like me, when you travel you have very little time to squeeze a workout in.  So I know that I have to plan to get my workout in BEFORE the day starts.  Every time I travel I bring Beachbody On Demand and I will just workout from my iPad or my iPhone!  I know I’ll have to get up before everyone else does and either take my workout to the hotel gym, take it to the stairs, the parking lot, or do it in the room with everyone else.  I am perfectly fine doing my workout in a room with everyone watching me. I feel like that will either inspire them to workout with me, or bring a little entertainment value to the trip!  Either way I am going to get my workout in.

HIIT workouts are awesome if you’re short on time. A Tabata is awesome if you’re short on time too. Bottom line you have to plan ahead for when you can get it in and when you can make it happen.
#4 – Eat to LIVE, don’t live to eat.  To give you an idea of what my day looks like when I’m traveling; I always start my day with Shakeology. That way I don’t have to wait around to figure out what we’re going to have for breakfast.  Then for my second meal of the day I always have something with me because I PLAN.  So I will grab some of the groceries that I got from my grocery stop.  When you’re traveling you have to be okay with things not being how they usually are. When you’re traveling you have to learn how to make changes and to be okay with things being a little bit out of order.  Lunch may not be a big deal when you’re traveling,  you may have to grab a bar on the go and that’s okay!  Grab some fruit with it and you’ll be good to go.
As far as going out to eat when you’re traveling there is something that you have to take into account…  If you’re on vacation you may indulge a little bit more here or there. If you’re just traveling for business, like I do a lot of the time, I’m not indulging for the most part.  For the most part I am just simply out to dinner, on business and so I want to STAY ON TRACK.

At restaurants, I never look at what the menu has to offer “as is”.  I always take into account the menu as a whole, I make adjustments, and I customize as I want to!  I customize and adjust according to whatever they have. If they have fried fish tacos but they’re on flour tortillas I might ask them to grill the fish and put them on a corn tortilla instead.  Basically you want to look at the menu, see what they have to offer, and put it all together as a customizable meal for you.

I did this recently at a restaurant… I ordered the turkey burger, but without a bun, and instead of mayo on top I asked to have mushrooms, bacon, avocado,  sauteed onions on top.  It was delicious and I LOVED IT!  Just remember to look at the menu as à la carte. I know that it’s tempting to look at a menu and just say I’ll have a little bit of everything. When you’re traveling it’s important that you really take into account your goals and do your best to stay on track with that, and use the 80/20 rule.


#5 – MOVE MORE!  Stay as active as possible. When you are traveling it’s very easy to just sit around, especially if you’re driving or flying.. but stay as active as possible!  When you’re in airports, walk around instead of just sitting and waiting for your next flight.  I never sit at airports!  When you are at your destination, walk and stand as much as possible.  Just that extra activity is going to go a LONG ways for preventing bloating which is a huge issue when you’re traveling.