So you want to be a girl boss?

Girl Boss. It’s interesting and also somewhat disheartening how the phrase “Girl Boss” has been glamorized. It’s misleading to say the least, and it seems to be attracting people who think just because they want to be a girl boss, that it’s going to come easy and every step is going to be fun. To that I say “lol!”

Girl Boss. Instead of being a way to describe women in business who go after the life they dreamt possible, putting blood, sweat, tears, and failures into every part of it, taking charge of their life, and inspiring others to do the same.. It has become a catchphrase to describe the attitude of a person who talks about their dreams as opposed to the ones who have the work ethic to do it.

Girls wear shirts that say “girl boss” and although there is nothing wrong with that (I love those shirts myself! ) I want to be clear… female run businesses are NOT adorable!  If you want to have a successful business, that doesn’t come for free, and it’s sure not going to be easy.. you’re going to have to WORK for that.  The glamour or “cool factor” that’s associated with being a girl boss leads people to believe all they need is wifi and high heels to make it happen, and that could not be further from the truth.

We “girl bosses” work for FREE in the beginning stages of our business when most people won’t even consider that. We sacrifice SO much sleep, SO much downtime, SO many opportunities to do something “easier” because we are willing to pay the price for our vision. We know nothing worth having is going to be easy. We show up every single day, bringing our A game even though we know that means more blood, more sweat, more tears, more failures, less sleep, because it’s ALL WORTH IT for that ONE victory.

But here’s the biggest thing… REAL “Girl Bosses” do what they do to help OTHER PEOPLE out there reach their goal, whatever it is, faster and better.

Our mission is to serve the world by helping others serve the world, that’s a Girl Boss. To chase our dream and therefore help others chase theirs. To be the change in order to create the change, and to live life on our terms in order to show others IT’S POSSIBLE for them too!

So now let me ask you… you want to be a Girl Boss? Because if you’ve got the fire sister, I’m going to lace up and run right next to you.  Click HERE to send me a message about being a part of my Team Boss Chicks!