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Where I shop for accessories

“Hey Erin, where do you buy your jewelry and accessories?  I love them all!”

Thanks, boo!

I have a good amount of my favorite accessories listed HERE, but since I still get this question daily I wanted to give you a little bit more info.

I’d love to tell you I buy them at X store.. but that is not the case. 

Here’s my method… I decide what accessories I want, and I find them.  

Very scientific I know, lol.

The truth is I don’t like shopping so I don’t buy something until I know what I want.

When I know what I want, I go get it.  

This leather wrap I got from Etsy.  I was looking for a black leather wrap bracelet, but finding this one was extra cool because I able to personalize the inscription and choose the font.  The cross ring I got on Etsy, but they have an identical one on Amazon.

These glasses are RayBan.  I saw them in a magazine and went on the hunt!  They took what felt like 800 years to get to me, but now I wear them almost daily and NO ONE else has them!

These belts I got from Hot Topic years ago.. I was looking for studded belts!  They have several different variations of this belt on Amazon now.

These necklaces are the most special to me and almost never leave my neck.  And as per yoosh, I was looking for a sideways cross necklace when I found this one HERE.  The other necklace is a digital imprint of my sweet Baloo’s paw <3  I had it custom made on Etsy after he passed away in Jan. 2018.

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