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Positivity: How I stay positive during tough times

Everybody wants to be a Lion…  until it’s time to be a Lion. 

You know it’s true…

People LOVE to share a quotes about rising from the ashes.

“Somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Missy Elliot, there’s me”… people will double tap the hell out of that.  Yet next to NONE of them are even close living it.

Having a negative mindset is EASY.. in fact, it comes naturally.  

Want to know what it takes to maintain positivity even during tough times?


In this episode…

  • Learn what I write down every single morning
  • What I visualize every day (this is one trick I’ve never shared)
  • Find out how I stay positive even when things are not going my way

It can be difficult to stay positive while in a funk. Find out HERE how I get out of a funk!


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