The one shade of lipstick I can’t live without

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The one shade of lipstick I can’t live without

Welp. Mya’s got hives again.

Here’s what I know…
She does great when she’s NOT at our house.

I’m pulling up the carpet and getting hardwood floors.
Also considering making my backyard into a rock garden.

I will burn the world down for my dingo. 

Also as I’m typing this, hand to heaven, if this google doc tries to grammar correct me ONE MORE TIME.

Forgive my outburst.
I’m sure that made you very uncomfortable.

Lipstick. You’re here for the lipstick, so let’s discuss.

A couple years ago I switched to non-toxic EVERYTHING.
Ya know, after I realized I was slowly poisoning myself daily and then wondering why I felt like a shit sandwich.
That’s when I discovered the non-toxic cosmetics company, Clove and Hallow.

Now, imma be real with you.
Parting with my beloved lipstick was such great sorrow.
It was HARD.
Like a Hobbit saying no to potatoes hard.

Luckily, Clove and Hallow was one of the first brands I stumbled on that actually WORKED.

And still to this day, their Lip Glaze ‘Candied Hearts’ is what I wear DAILY. 

If you ever see me rocking a pretty pink lip (which is damn near daily)… I can promise you, it’s Candied Hearts!

I cannot live without it!
Legit, I keep one in my backpack, one on my desk, and one in my make up drawer.

Yes, it’s THAT good.

It’s perfect for every skin tone, it makes teeth look whiter, it’s sheer yet it pops, and you can layer it!
I mean, come on.. what more could you want from a lip gloss??
I also like Candied Hearts layered over a bold red lip or a hot pink pout ..  it’s the perfect compliment.

So there you have it folks, the one shade of lipstick I cannot live without… ‘Candied Hearts’ by Clove and Hallow!
If you decide to try it, use code: Affiliate15 to get 15%off – and don’t forget to tag me in your sassy selfie so I can see you rock it!! 

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  1. Angel Waters says:

    Just ordered mine! I never could wear pink before due to having red hair but now that it’s all white I LOVE PINK!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Just ordered! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Holly McNatt says:

    I just ordered mine!!!

  4. Chloe C says:

    Just ordered it and a couple more things!!

  5. DeAnna says:

    I’ve been following Clove & Hallow for a bit on IG, before you’ve mentioned them as they are an ATL based company and I sorta live close there. Anywho – I’ve gotten their liquid skin tint, and 2 of the lip glazes in spicy and angelic. I think i need to try more products. #ivebeeninfluenced

  6. I love it and just got mine yesterday. I’ll be ordering a few more

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