Nutrition MUSTS for your thyroid

Food is medicine… if you’re eating the right things.

A huge part of my recovery was making the RIGHT nutritional changes.

There are specific foods to incorporate in your diet that can help balance out your hormones, help alleviate thyroid damage, and boost your energy; but instead of looking at what you should be eating, it’s better to focus on cutting out the foods you shouldn’t be eating.  Because let’s face it, you could be eating all the right foods but if you’re still incorporating the wrong foods in your diet, you’re not going to get the results you want.

I’ve found that there are three specific foods you’ve got to cut out right away if you want to begin your recover. I promise that if you can cut these three things completely out of your diet, you’ll start to feel better!


I’m gonna be saying this until the cows come home: gluten’s gotta go.  It’s not just a bad thing for celiacs! Gluten causes inflammation. When gluten gets in your system, it breaks down your gut lining and allows all the toxins you absorb from food or environment or otherwise to be LEAKED OUT of your gut and into your body.  Ewww.  Those toxins are never expelled from the body and they just continue to recirculate throughout your system.  Toxic overload is no joke.  And if you have leaky gut or toxic overload, that could be causeing anxiety and skin issues and moodiness and bloating and all those other problems you can’t figure out how to solve.  So let’s cut it with the gluten already; it’s not even hard.  If you need a starting place, might I suggest Gluten Free Fundamentals!


Soy is another one that has to go.  Soy is a bit harder to tackle than gluten, but it’s not impossible.  The problem with soy is it messes with your hormones.. or as I like to call them, your ‘mones.  When you have a thyroid issue, you have a metabolic issue, and you also have a hormone issue because your thyroid controls all your hormones. So when you add soy into your system when your body is already struggling in the hormone department, it’s not a good combination. Unfortunately, soy is basically in everything so in order to avoid it completely is to read your labels. Every. single. one. The good news is if there’s soy in your go-to brand, there are six other alternatives on the same shelf!  Just like gluten.. there’s always a soy-free alternative!

Foods that are hard to digest

This is a bigger, broader category, but make sure the foods you’re eating are easy for your body to handle and digest.  Again, thyroid issues mean metabolic issues; a slow thyroid leads to a slow metabolism which therefore means you’ve got a slow digestion. Eating foods that are hard to digest forces your body to work overtime in the digestive process, that will zap your energy big time. Hello, bloating. Hello, brain fog, fatigue and constipation. You know what’s difficult for your body to digest, so help it out a little. If you’re going to eat a zucchini or potato, peel it first. Make sure your veggies are well-cooked!