[UPDATED] No such thing as Adrenal Fatigue?!

A few weeks ago I had a chance to sit down with my personal mentor, Ari Whitten to talk about ‘Chronic Fatigue’.  Ari is one of my favorite people, and one the most brilliant minds of our time when it comes to energy and the science behind it.  Besides myself, he’s the only one I’d completely trust with my health.  

Ari doesn’t do a lot of interviews, but him and I go way back so he agreed to let me film it for my audience!!!  

Some of the new research we talked about BLEW MY MIND!  Especially when he said “there is no such thing as Adrenal Fatigue”.   Crazy, I know!!! 

But there’s no denying that having chronic fatigue affects the people around you, especially your spouse.  I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this yet, but that stops NOW…

This weekend Levi and I celebrated 17 years together, 12 years married!  We had the best time!  But as the day went on, I couldn’t help but remember the days when I could barely muster up the energy to make dinner, and a lot of days I definitely didn’t feel like letting Levi see me naked!  

How ‘bout this for a scenario:  You feel exhausted, depressed, can’t lose weight and you’re mad about it.  Your hubs can’t “see” what’s going on with you.  All he knows is that you’re too tired at the end of the day for anything else, you’re crankier than normal, you beat yourself up for not being the person you were, and your sex drive went out the window!  You look in the mirror and don’t even recognize yourself, and your husband wonders where his wife went.  

Sound familiar?  Yep, been there.

That sounds like a perfect recipe for most couples to reach a breaking point and point fingers at the other person, when really it’s no one’s fault… lack of energy is to blame!  

There are women in my Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 class right now who are in the middle of this exact fight.. working on regaining their energy so they can be there for the people they love the most!  

Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 is closed right now, so I wanted to let you be a fly on the wall during my conversation with Ari.  I can’t wait to hear what you think!

UPDATE: Here is the link to Ari’s FREE training!