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My Secret Test

Isn’t it amazing how we can get SO wrapped up in what other people think of us?  It’s kind of ridiculous.  I recently had an experience with this and I was NOT a fan.


Levi and I were driving home from South Dakota, it’s about an 18 hour drive so you can get some serious life talks in there… or you can rock out to the radio, we do a little of both 😉  Anyway, we were knee deep in some life talk when I found my mind thinking “no that won’t work because this person will think this” and “well so and so expects me to do this” or “how will this effect this person and this person” “X will wonder why I did this” and ON and ON.  As soon as I realized I was thinking those things my next thought was “Hey subconscious people pleaser, not cool man… not cool at all!”  Those types of thoughts will absolutely hold you back from doing the things you want to do, being the person you want to be, but more importantly being the awesome creation God made YOU specifically to be!   My goal was to knock that type of thinking off and be quick about it so I did my secret test!  My “secret test” is something that I do anytime I need to make a big decision and it’s really not a huge thing, it’s only one question, but it has a huge impact for me because it works.  It goes a little something like this…


“If I died tomorrow (after I got done hanging out with Jesus and having the best party ever of course! ;-)) would I wish I would’ve done or tried this?” OR “would I wish I would’ve given this a shot?” OR “would I regret NOT doing this?” (and SPARE ME the ‘there are no regrets in heaven’ line, I’m aware of that, and are you in heaven now? No.  So I’m gonna lovingly ask you to stay focused! =))  When I ask myself that question I can see my TRUE feelings about whatever the situation because no one else is involved except me and God.  Thinking of things in that way helps to remove everything and everyone else from the equation and to really get clear about what you would do if you weren’t concerned with what other people would think of you, say about you, or your fear of failing.


The truth of the matter is that many of us are living for what we believe other people need or expect from us instead of living our own life!  Living your own life is going to bring the other people in your life so much MORE happiness then only doing what you THINK they need or expect from you!  So can I share another secret with you?  My little “secret test” is GOING TO HAPPEN and it’s going to happen to all of us!  All of us will pass away, and personally I don’t want to spend this life being held back because of my desire to be accepted by other people. I want to live a life full of joy, hard work, love for other people, and that is pleasing to God… the people that really love you WILL continue to love you!


So ask yourself, “If I died tomorrow what would I regret NOT doing?” and then GO DO IT!!!  Really LIVE!!!  What’s the worst that could happen?  You fail?  Fall on your face?  So what!  At least you tried!!  Try to put it in perspective like this – Have you ever slipped on the ice and fell on your butt in front of a group of people?  It totally stinks and at the time it’s a little embarrassing, but later on you can look back and have a good laugh about it.  The same is true for the other things in your life!  If you fall on your butt you can just say “oh man, remember when I tried to be in Cirque du Soleil? That was hilarious!”




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