My secret Fat Loss trick

One thing that I see consistently in almost every one of my clients, friends, and family members who are trying to either lose weight or maintain a lean body is they OVERCOMPLICATE fitness.  They overcomplicate what it actually takes to lose weight.

Having said that, there are many different factors that you have to take into account when you’re trying to lose weight.  Factors like what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, how much stress you’re under, and how you’re moving your body.

BUT there is one secret to my weight loss that I did not even realize I was keeping to myself!

I had unknowingly been keeping a major player in me maintaining my weight loss, a secret.  That secret is the morning walk that I take every day, what I call my “fat torching tread”.

Out on a fun hike with Mya!

My brisk morning walk is THE BEST, most efficient way for me to tap into my fat stores without doing any additional damage to my thyroid.  Don’t miss that, you guys.  When you have a thyroid issue or adrenal fatigue or Hashimoto’s you must be focusing on not doing any more damage or causing any more stress to your thyroid or to your adrenals.  If you’re adding more stress, I can promise you, you are going to struggle to lose weight.  My fat torching tread is a stress reliever AND a major fat burner…  BUT THERE IS A KEY…  and the key is doing this fat burning walk FASTED, meaning I go for this walk first thing in the morning BEFORE I’ve had anything to eat.  I would NOT recommend you do ANY other workout fasted because that will just cause more stress and damage to your thyroid or adrenals.  However, this brisk morning walk, is a stress reliever because it’s gentle movement and it’s something that your body actually craves first thing in the morning!

Doing this fasted morning walk allows your body to utilize the fat that you have been storing as its fuel.  Ideally you want to go for a walk anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. However, 45 minutes is my sweet spot. I wake up, drink some water, have a couple sips of coffee, and I head out for my 45 minute brisk walk!

Now this walk isn’t just a slow stroll, it’s brisk.  It’s not running, it’s not power walking, it’s not intense, but it should be brisk enough that if you were to have to carry on a conversation throughout the entire walk you would be just slightly winded.  Doing this every single morning is huge for tapping into fat stores without causing any additional stress on your body, and it’s amazing for stress relief because getting your body outside moving first thing in the day is literally what we’re intended to do!  Our body CRAVES movement in the morning … it’s amazing way to create more energy for your day, it’s an amazing way to destress, it’s an amazing way to get more oxygen flowing, get more circulation going, and of course it’s amazing for tapping into fat reserves and BURNING FAT!
I’ve tested this myself and I’m proof that it works, but my friends and family have tested this too.. typically they lose a couple pounds in their first week alone just by taking an amazing brisk walk!  So give it a shot.  Set your alarm for 45 minutes earlier than you normally would, have some water, have a couple sips of coffee if you want, and get it done!