My Picks for Non-Toxic Makeup

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My Picks for Non-Toxic Makeup

I think there are 2 kinds of makeup wearers…
1. Just give me 5 things that work and I’m set for life.
2. Give me all the new things ALL day long!

I fall into category 2.
I know.. Shocker.
Feel free to take a minute to collect yourself.

I’m ALWAYS trying new make-up.
I love it.
Give me Sephora or give me death, that’s my motto.

So imagine my dismay when I started trading in my beloved, albeit chemical laden, make up for natural make up!  It was like Thorin looking for the Arkenstone.

But as with any good Tolkien tale.. I was victorious, for the most part.

Here are my top picks for Non-Toxic Makeup Brands 

Blush: RMS lip to cheek

This stuff, I’m telling ya. I mainly use it for blush, but I also use it as lip color AND on my lids sometimes. So versatile and the colors are awesome!  My favorite colors are Demure and Beloved

Highlighter: RMS magic luminizer

Glow all day without the shine. So good. 

Concealer: Juice Beauty

I don’t wear foundation, but I’m a huge fan of concealer.  I think bare skin is beautiful, so I prefer to just put a little concealer wear I need it instead of covering everything. I tried sooooo many non-toxic concealers before trying this and they all sucked the big one.  But this concealer works great! Covers well and it’s never dry or cakey. 

Pro tip: add 2 drops of SKIN Perfecting Night Oil to this concealer for the BEST tinted moisturizer. It gives the perfect glow! 

Eyeliner: Jane Iredale

It’s not waterproof, so as long as you’re not going swimming, you should be good to go.
It goes on easily and blends like a dream!  My only complaint is that the black eyeliner is not as black as I would like it.. but it works.  Non-toxic eyeliner is a toughy to find.

Eye Shadow: Tartelette Toasted Palette

If we’re going to split hairs, this is one I’d consider LESS toxic… but it’s still win as far as Clean beauty! I love the palettes they come in but the best part is how pigmented they are!  You need soooo little product so they last forever! In addition, this is damn near the only eye shadow I’ve ever used that stays put WITHOUT a primer.  It’s locked and loaded from the get go.

Mascara: Still looking.

I’m a hardass when it comes to mascara and I’d love to tell you I’ve found a great one, but I haven’t… yet.

Eyebrows: Still looking.

I don’t play with brows.

Lips: Clove and Hallow 

This stuff is GREAT! I have almost every shade they make.  The colors are awesome and it lasts!!!

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