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My Morning Routine

I’m soooo not a morning person. If I could sleep until 10am, I would.

Well I guess technically I COULD sleep until 10am because I work for myself so I make the rules.. but homie got goals. And imma be real with you.. I need all the time I can get in the day, cuz #SQUIRREL is a real life situation for this kid.

My morning routine is what saves me from feeling overwhelmed, behind, and ticked off about it. Therefore it’s also what ensures Levi has a happy wife/happy life 😉

In this episode…

  • Find out what I use instead of an alarm clock
  • Come along with me for my morning hike
  • See the very FIRST thing I do every single morning
  • Learn my secret to creative flow!

To find out my top health tips that fit perfectly into daily routines..check out my podcast Eat Like This, Move Like That.


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