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My Morning Cappuccino

Coffee is a weird thing.
I mean, who knew people would go so crazy for a hot beverage?
They’ll get up extra early just to have alone time with it.
Some people will drive across town to sip on it with a friend.Some carry it around in to-go cups as if to never part with their faithful companion.
Then there’s people like me who create an entire morning ritual around it.

But you know what’s even weirder than that??  Tea drinkers.
I just can’t.

Anywho, my appreciation for a full on coffee experience was deepened after Levi and I went to Italy.  It was there that we discovered the joy of the morning cappuccino. After we returned home we still wanted every day of our lives to start with the best coffee ever..

And so my morning cappuccino was born.

The Goods:

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  1. Sandra Hall says:

    Loved this

  2. Kristine Brownfield says:

    Hey! My amazing husband drove me to 5 stores yesterday in search of both the SO Milk and the Califia! We finally found them both at target of all places! Made it this am with the two and my ninja coffee bar 4oz specialty brew. I didn’t know exactly what to use bc at one point you say use 2 and 2 but then you poured 1 and 2…. but it’s very yummy!!! Thank u for sharing! Gonna try mixing it up this week with different amounts. Rock on

  3. Kim Vieley says:

    The outtakes.. omg, I think you’re my favorite person ever!

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