I Microbladed My Eyebrows

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I Microbladed My Eyebrows

No 12 year old girl should be given a tweezers and left to her own devices.

I’ve always been a hairy person.  I have a lot of hair everywhere, and it’s no exaggeration when I tell you I can make it .5 days in between shaving my legs.  So when I say I had a unibrow as a kid, that’s exactly what I mean. I quickly learned (because tween girls are so kind and gentle) that unibrows were not what the cool kids were wearing.  So I grabbed that tweezers and brought it down to Cara Delevingne level…. And then… I saw Gwen Stefani on the cover of Cosmo Girl magazine with her pencil thin brows, and it was over.

Let’s be honest.. the late 90’s/early 2000’s were a sad time for brows, and I did not escape unscathed.

Unfortunately brows don’t grow back as quickly as they are plucked.  It’s kind of like they said “Fine, you don’t want me here.. I’m gonna go hang out some other very inconvenient place just to spite you.”  

Then…  just when I started making head way and the regrowth was actually happening, #hypothyroid left its mark on the outer ¼ …. soooo… #MICROBLADING to the rescue!  Cuz ain’t nobody got time to fill in brows on the daily, and let’s face it… eyebrows speak louder than words.

In this episode…

  • Watch as I get my eyebrows Microbladed
  • Find out how what they DON’T tell you
  • See before and after
  • Learn what you need to know before you go

Katie’s deets:

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