My everyday, 5 minute look!

Have you ever opened a Youtube make up tutorial only to find that the entire face was going to take at least 30 minutes, 10 of which are spent solely on perfecting the shading on their upper lip?!  (jeez Napoleon 😉 )   Yeah, me too.. and I immediately close them .. cuz homie ain’t got time for a 30 minute face unless I’m going somewhere fancy, in which case, of course I’ll step it up a notch!

Most days, my make up takes me about 5-6 minutes TOPS!  For real.  Don’t believe me?  I filmed it for ya!

So just grab your tools and follow along sassy lady!  We’ll get cinderella ready for the ball in no time!



Products used listed below:

MAC Brun for eyebrows

NYX Dark Circle Concealer

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Medium Golden

MAC Woodwinked

Marc Jacobs blaquer

Benefit Dallas

Christina DW lashes

Bare Minerals Flawless Waterproof mascara

Kylie Cosmetics Exposed lip pencil

NYX lipgloss Creme Brulee


What look do you want to see next?!!  Just leave me a comment!