My detoxing secret

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I consider myself a human guinea pig. Everything I suggest and recommend is something I have personally experimented with and found positive results. If you know me, you also know that I really love to talk about poop, lol!

If you didn’t know either of those things about me, Hi I’m Erin, I’m weird.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you my one little detoxing secret I’ve never shared before: colon hydrotherapy.

Oh yes, we’re going there!  The subject of colonics is taboo only because people are too scared to talk about poop.  Why?  Last I checked, everyone poops.  From my experience, colon hydrotherapy, if done right, is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins, heal your gut, and encourage the body to do what it’s naturally supposed to do!

I started colon hydrotherapy treatments two years ago and now I only do it once every quarter.   As someone who’s always had digestive issues (hello, constipation) and an overload of toxins (I was on birth control pills and antibiotics for awhile when I was younger), I had some junk that stayed in my system for way too long. Having slow digestion meant those toxic hormones and chemicals were stored in my body in my fat cells and recirculated in my system, creating all kinds of hormonal issue.  Yeah.. not cool, yo.

I turned to colonics as a way to cleanse my body in a way it hadn’t been cleansed before.  I also found it’s a great way to encourage peristalsis, allowing my body to do what it’s supposed to.  I had immediate results!  I felt better and lighter and healthier as I watched all the toxins and parasites come out of my system.  (I didn’t literally watch, but you can if you want to 😉 )

How does it work? I won’t get too detailed about what a typical appointment looks like, but the gist of it is the colon is filled with water to loosen up everything that’s stuck in there before all those toxins and other junk are carried out.  Basically it’s a flush and dump.  Super simple, super short (about 45 minutes a session), super clean, and — in my opinion — wildly effective.

Starting out, you’ll probably have to go a few times just to “get to the goods”.  The first few sessions you might only release gas and that’s totally normal.  That excess gas just leaves you feeling bloated and tired and foggy, so you need to get it OUT!

Post-session is no bigs.  You typically don’t get sick unless your body goes through a super detox, which really only might make you want to take a long nap.  I would recommend not eating at least two hours before your session, otherwise it might upset your stomach. Unlike an enema, you won’t feel like you have to run to the bathroom afterward, and I don’t have any cramping during my sessions.

If you’re someone who struggles with digestive issues or bowel disorders, if you get frequent bloating or have been on a ton of antibiotics or birth control for several years, I would definitely recommend you consider trying colonics. If you’re someone who wants to lose weight quickly, wants to clear out last night’s pizza and beer binge, or wants to do it because Jay-Z and Beyonce supposedly do it — then colon hydrotherapy is NOT for you.

I know I make jokes about poop, but I really believe that colon hydrotherapy is an awesome way to detox and I know that I feel great after my sessions. To all the skeptics, don’t knock it ’til you try it.