Morning Ritual

Having a morning routine is such an easy way to make a positive change in your life..  especially if you are struggling with a thyroid issue, your morning MATTERS.

How you start your day will set the pace for the energy you’ll have throughout your entire day, the calm that you want to feel, and the peace that you want to have.  So if you aren’t where you want to be in those areas right now, it’s probably time to really focus in on how you start your day so you can get back to enjoying living your badass life!  

I’m going to break down a little morning routine that I’ve stuck to for a while that has made an incredible impact in my life and helps alleviate quite a few thyroid symptoms! 

Circadian Rhythm

Mastering your circadian rhythm is crucial.  And it all starts with simply getting into the habit of going to bed at the same time every night.  Hitting the sack around 10 or 11 PM is ideal!  Your circadian rhythm should align with the sun — so as the sun winds down, you should also be winding down from your day.  Resetting your circadian rhythm will help so much in getting your day started off the right way, and with a lot more energy!

Light Therapy

I also start my morning with Light Therapy.  Some of it is Red Light therapy, and the other is Lightphoria. I usually do this for about twenty minutes each morning.  The red lights are used to regenerate cells which helps to stimulate collagen (great for minimizing wrinkles) and they also help to stimulate the cells in your fat cells so that they will release – which is incredible for treating cellulite. The blue light really wakes me up and gives me incredible energy!  These blue lights have even been proven to work better than Prozac for depression. Say what?!  Heck Yeah!  It’s going to take consistency for it to have optimal effects, obviously – but it’s worth it. If you hang with it on this system, you will get there.

Red Light Therapy has also been proven to have a huge positive affect for people with autoimmune issues as it increases blood flow to the body, regenerates dead cells, and helps heal wounds!  I shine it directly on my thyroid gland for healing and recovery.


I usually do this while I’m doing the red light therapy.  Meditating gives me a chance for God to talk to me since I’m always talking to Him when I pray.  This a totally NEEDED moment for me everyday – I get to be quiet, still, and I just let my heart be open.

My goals for myself are always to live with more passion and more purpose, and to be more connected with my own spirit as well as have my heart open to what God wants me to do and how he wants to use me. So, I set that time aside everyday to meditate.

Dry Brushing

During the last few minutes of red light therapy and meditating, I do a little dry brushing. Have you heard of it?! You just use a brush to brush your entire body. It’s great for releasing toxins — and it works the same way as the red lights by releasing toxins and the things that your body needs to get rid of. If you’re storing toxins in your fat cells then that’s where you’re going to start seeing cellulite, and this totally helps to reduce that!

I use the brush by beginning to brush at my feet and move towards the heart. I start at your feet, then move to my legs, thighs, butt, tummy, back, and arms. After that, I do a quick moisturize with coconut oil which also helps to rid the remaining toxins.

Dry Brushing also works like a cup of coffee for me. When I first heard about it, I was like “Oh come on, dry brushing? What is that weirdo stuff?!” because I was skeptical.  BUT.. I tried it and now I can confidently say that it works really well and I love it!

Bottom line:

Even if you don’t have an autoimmune disease, you can benefit from all of these little morning rituals. If you have allergies, dry skin, acne, hormonal imbalances, depression, cancer that runs in your family, high blood pressure, etc. — all of those things are affected positively by the light therapy. Dry Brushing will help to eliminate the toxins which will also help with all of those issues as well. If you’re dealing with any kind of ailment whatsoever, it can almost always be answered by adding MORE nutrients and getting RID of the toxins.

For more information on the products I use in my daily morning ritual check out: