How I Use My Morning Journal

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How I Use My Morning Journal

Today I’m walking you thru EXACTLY how I use my morning journal.

The #1 question I’m asked

Do you know what the #1 question I get asked is? -> “How do you do it all?” 

What in the actual?? 

To be clear,  I don’t do it all!
I definitely do not.

I am, however, crystal clear on where I’m going so I’m very intentional about the action I take.

It starts in the mind…

That intention starts in my mind, and my morning journal practice is what helps me get clear and intentional about my life. 

My morning journal practice is something I’ve used every single day for years, to feel present in the NOW, excited about the future, and be proud of not only who I’m becoming, but proud of who I am in THIS moment.

So if I seem like I do it all, I can assure you.. It’s not Maybelline and it’s not caffeine.. It’s tequila.  Just kidding.

It’s a damn good journal that keeps this head of mind on a swivel.   

get the becoming her journal:


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