Microblading.. because brows.

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Microblading.. because brows.

Fun fact: I’m a very hairy person.  Seriously!  I came out of my mama with so much hair they used to call me “monkey baby” because I looked like a sweet little chimp, lol!!  But growing up, you can imagine how a little girl could be self-conscious if she had legs and arms hairy like man.   Not even kidding.. I would wear long pants and long sleeves in the middle of the summer, and I lived in ARKANSAS!  I was 8 years old when I finally grabbed my dads razor and got after these legs of mine.

My eyebrows were no exception.  One word, Bert.  Of course I took them for granted not knowing I had the Cara Delevingne look going on, because at some point thin eyebrows became a trendy thing (thanks a lot, Pamela Anderson) and I ended up tweezing those mothers like crazy.  Flash forward to adulthood, when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism my eyebrow hair started to fall even more!  Even after recovery, they never grew back completely.

But I had an eyebrow pencil and I knew how to use it!  Making sure my eyebrows are always on point has become an obsession of mine.  That’s why I ultimately decided to have them MICROBLADED!!!  Amen and Hallelujah!   because 1) it’s semi-permanent so I’m not stuck with it forever unless I want to be and 2) it frees up my time since I don’t have to put in so much effort to beautifying the brows.

If you don’t know what microblading is…  It’s basically a tattoo.  They use pigment to tattoo your ideal eyebrow shape, but the pigment doesn’t go as deep as a normal tattoo, so it fades after a year or so, and they use a handheld tool instead of a machine to make thin lines that look JUST like hair. To be honest, I sometimes can’t even tell which parts of my eyebrow are real and which are microbladed!  It’s glorious!!


Below is a picture just after the first session.  You can see the harsh lines, but they got MUCH darker and MUCH more pronounced as they healed which was a little unnerving, lol!

Below is after they healed!  You can see the harsh lines faded and they look like real hair!!!  They’re almost as thick as Levi’s, lol!!  And yes, this is with ZERO fill in.. I literally wake up like this! #YonceStatus



So now for all the other questions I’m sure you’re dying to know…

The process only takes a few hours. They draw an outline of the eyebrow and you can tell them what you like and how want them, including shape and color of the pigment. Because my hair is dark, I went for the darkest color.  You know I’m gonna shoot you straight.. I was a little freaked out after I was done because I looked CRAY.  I mean, it looked like someone drew on my face with a Sharpie, not even kidding!  HOWEVER, they did tell me it was going to do that.. but even so, it’s still freaky!  They should definitely spend more time warning a person, lol!   As they promised,  ink faded within a few days and I looked like a normal person again.

It doesn’t hurt.  I’ve had PMS cramps that were way worse.  But they ARE making teeny tiny cuts in your face, so if you’re sensitive, be ready.  When the numbing cream wears off it’s pretty tender up there, but it just feels a lot like a sunburn. Some people bleed during the process. I didn’t, but that’s because my skin tends to be pretty tough.

After the procedure, you can’t get your face wet for almost a week, which can be tricky.  But I just washed my face with a washcloth and it was cool!  I also used coconut oil and Aquaphor to help the healing process… worked like a charm!  Some people say you shouldn’t go outside to avoid getting the area dirty from exposure, but let’s be real, you gotta live your life.

Altogether, microblading cost me $600, and that includes a touch-up six weeks later. You can get it done cheaper, but I would HIGHLY recommend NOT doing that. This is your face we’re talking about!   You don’t want some rando with an itchy trigger finger to do it. Do some research and find someone you trust, whose work you’ve seen, and who has a great reputation. I paid $600, but I would have paid more if I had to.

Overall, I would do microblading again 100 times over.  It’s given this hairy girl her big beautiful brows again!






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