Fit Rocker Chick

Let’s talk hobbies.

So you guys may have heard me mention before that I have one speed.. And that’s FULL BLAST.

That’s great for getting shit done.. But real talk.. I struggle a bit with finding balance.

Levi has been suggesting that I find a hobby for a while now, because I tend to get SUPER focused on helping my clients.. I could literally help them & work on my business from sun-up to sun-down just because I love it and it’s fun for me.

I’ve always tried to break up my day with hikes, a workout, the grocery store, playing with the dogs, etc… but having a hobby is a totally different ball game.

A lot of people don’t take up a hobby because it feels selfish or they feel like they don’t have time.. I, myself have admittedly struggled with that mindset.

The other day as I was driving to a hot yoga class I started to just feel bad.  I was running through a list of everything I COULD or SHOULD be doing instead, and then suddenly this class I had been looking forward to taking felt frivolous.  It felt selfish, and even made me question my work ethic.

BUT I remembered the words my hubs had told me so many times before… “you have to make time for your hobbies or they don’t happen, and making time for them brings so much more enjoyment to your work”.

Hobbies are SO IMPORTANT for contentment and happiness in life!  You can’t just do what everyone ELSE wants you to do all the time.. And you can’t just be a task master and slave to your to-do list all day. Doing things for no reason is SO GOOD for your overall contentedness and happiness.  Furthermore.. Letting our mind rest is good for your PHYSICAL well-being as well!  No joke!  Being mentally overwhelmed effects that bod of yours.   

Personally, I knew I needed a hobby because I was getting into too much of a routine that didn’t involve enough fun for my VERY creative brain.

And for you creatives out there.. You know that no distractions from the to-do list = less creativity.. And less creativity = burn out.. And burn out = not acceptable.

So what hobbies am I testing out right now!?

Boxing classes – Because I’m a ninja. Side note: if you ever need a side-kick in a dark alley.. I’m your girl. 👊

Hot yoga classes – The truth is.. I really really really do NOT like yoga. I have a hard time not “squirreling” during it. But sometimes you have to do stuff that doesn’t come natural to you to bring yourself into balance.  And also just because they’re good for you 😉

I can bring out the fighter in me all day errday, so hot yoga helps to bring me out of my comfort zone and bring me into balance.

So I’m taking these classes to break up my day, which helps my creative brain get stimulated.  To meet new people, and I have met some amazing people!!  And also just to have more things in my life that are simply pure fun & joy… I encourage you to find something that brings you joy as well!