I’m doing something scandalous…

I’ve decided to do something scandalous. I’m taking a rest WEEK before my next bootcamp starts. (gasp!)


Because I’m listening to AND respecting my body, and it’s asking to be taken care of.

My body is my tool. I need it to fulfill passions, purpose, to reach people, feel strength, have fun, dance, go on dates, wear cute clothes, lol .. All of it. So I do NOT mess around with my health.

I could feel that I needed some rest..

  • All of the sudden I was sleeping an hour later
  • My back muscles were super sore and constantly tense, not recovering quickly.
  • I started wanting a little extra coffee before my workout (which I never need)
  • My legs would burn after walking up the shortest flight of stairs

Many athletes incorporate rest weeks into their training as well, and I’m using my rest week for flexibility and restoration. So I’m not just sitting on my butt.. Hopefully you know me by now 😉 I’ll be taking long brisk walks, doing lots of yoga, P90X3 Dynamix, lots of foam rolling, getting a massage, and increasing my sleep. Basically taking the best care of myself that I can because homie will be ready to CRUSH next week!

Exercise can be a double edge sword if you’re not clear on how and why you’re doing it. Too little of it and you’ll be sick and exhausted, and too much of it and you’ll be sick and exhausted. I have a history of over-exercise, it used to be my thing. It’s like a trap I’d fall into accidentally and it’s a lesson I got SO sick of learning, so.. Even though it would be soooooo easy to just take 2 days rest (and I would actually prefer that cuz I love my workouts!) now I catch it before it catches me!

Respecting what your body does for you means listening to it even when you don’t want to do what it’s asking. And btw, it’s not just a certain type of exercise that makes a person hit their threshold, every person has a different threshold. Some can push themselves physically more than others, and a lot of those thresholds have to do with individual life circumstances. If you add on additional stressors to the mix (work stress, life stress, emotional stress, etc) that only adds to the effects and anyone will hit their personal threshold faster.

Bottom line, it’s all about taking care of your health so you can fulfill your purpose and passions. I can’t fulfill mine if I’m too sore to move, lol!

Some other signs you are overtraining and need a break…

  • Feeling overly emotional before, during, or after a workout
  • Feeling angry during or after a workout
  • Constant soreness
  • Increased injury
  • Insomnia
  • Gaining weight even with rigorous training
  • Getting sick easier