A year and a half ago, I finally reconciled myself to the fact that – I was sick.

Here I am – no filter, middle of the day, just about to start a workout.  I also just wrapped up what most would consider a quite indulgent weekend! photo (22) Steak, scallops, sweet potato fries, ice cream, OH MY.  Except it’s not “oh my” for me – it’s my new reality.  And yet here I am.. Abs pretty defined, arms sculpted, legs toned, energy high, no bloating – some might consider this a miracle.. myself included!  Hard to believe just 6 months ago I was putting on weight no matter how hard I worked out, was constantly bloated, retaining water, would fall asleep in the middle of the day, couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t eat anything without it making me miserable,  highly emotional, stressed, AND I hadn’t had my period in 3 years.. I know.. It was BAD.  Needless to say – a year and a half ago I finally reconciled myself to the fact that – I was sick. I’ve never talked about this publicly.  I guess when it first happened I wasn’t ready to share it, and then once I started the journey to heal myself I figured it best to wait until I saw the final result.  Either way, I share this story simply in hopes that someone can relate and feels the HOPE and VICTORY that I have. I knew little things had been happening over the course of the last year.. but it all seemed to culminate at once.  One week I was wearing my clothes like normal, and the next week I couldn’t get my jeans over my butt.. no lie… even though I was working out the same and eating damn near what I considered “perfect” at the time.  From there I noticed the intense water retention, it was so bad my eye lids were swollen, but the worst part was the exhaustion.

It didn’t matter how much sleep I got or how much coffee I drank – I could not stay awake.  I didn’t even have the energy to take my dogs on a simple walk.  So basically what you’ve got here is a HOT MESS. I had been to 3 doctors about my MIA period (more about that here) We tried acupuncture, hormones :-/, therapy (just to make sure I wasn’t crazy) … nothing worked.  So.. we did more and more tests.  Thousands of dollars later  – they saw that my thyroid was low.  It actually wasn’t extremely low, but my doc knew enough to know it was “low for me” and diagnosed me with a thyroid disorder, hypothyroidism.  Well hallelujah!  I knew SOMETHING was wrong.. I was relieved they finally knew what it was and especially relieved that I wasn’t crazy, haha 😉   Hypothyroid symptoms include: 

So, off to the “experts”. They tried MORE hormones, wanted me to do injections, but when they wouldn’t allow me to use natural instead of synthetic, I had to find another “expert” … who unfortunately ALSO happened to think hormones were the answer :-/   I was up for it though, I had to do something and at least this one was all about the natural approach.  Funny thing happened though – I KEPT gaining weight, retaining MORE water, and my thyroid wouldn’t budge.   Thyroid boosting drugs and hormones added – still nothing.   I knew in my gut they were wrong.  I knew in my gut there was a simple answer.. I did NOT believe my body didn’t want to be healthy.   Of course I was beyond discouraged, BUT that only fueled me to FIGURE IT OUT – I was NOT going to stop until I got well again.  

image (18)

@NatalieJill on Instagram

After a year of working with these ‘experts’ and going backwards… I woke up one morning and text my friend Natalie Jill.  I just said “Hey, I’m having problems with my thyroid, do you know anything about that?”  I’ll never forget her message back … “Yes, actually I do!  A good friend of mine is an expert when it comes to thyroid.  His name is Ari Whitten, I’ll send you his information now.  Btw.. intense exercise will only make it worse, and don’t cut carbs!”   PRAISE GOD!  I think I cried.  And I was secretly hoping she was right about the carbs, lol! 


Later that day I got a call from Ari, that night I dove into one of his programs, and I stayed up till 3am learning about what I needed to change and becoming more determined than ever.  That call changed my life.  If Ari hadn’t said “I think you can undo this by changing your diet and the way you work out” I would not be where I am today.  

Not bad to look at, ay?

Not bad to look at, ay?

  Flash forward… 6 months of working with Ari and I’M BACK!   I have ENERGY, my thyroid is fully functioning, my metabolism is on FIRE, I can EAT and I do so often, haha!  I can concentrate, I’m not bloated or retaining water, and I have my PERIOD!!!  I told you… it’s a freaking MIRACLE!!!   Want to know what I did??  Committed myself to getting WELL, figured out what WORKS, and followed to a specific formula for health TO A TEE.  I did not veer from it – I adhered to what I was learning like my life depended on it, because IT DID.   I’ll tell you straight up, I had to completely change A LOT of what I was doing – but it was a WELCOME change!  Especially the diet part!!!   Steak, scallops, sweet potato fries, ice cream, OH MY!  No crazy hormones and a strong focus on De-stressing and Restoring your body.   I am forever grateful for my expert and friend, Mr. Ari Whitten for giving me hope and spurring me on to find my own answers.  

image (17)

Ari took me rock climbing to celebrate! It’s amazing what you can do when you’re STRONG from the inside out.



If you have any of the symptoms I mentioned above or could relate to my story, I am here to help! The Thyroid Jumpstart is my passion project.  THIS is my medicine.  I am determined to let every woman out there struggling know she is not alone!  


Ari’s program is the  Metabolism Supercharge.  

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  1. Miss Allergy Fit says:

    Hi Erin! I have followed you for a while! Fellow Beachbody lover and fitness buff!! 😛 I wonder how his philosophy and program would work with someone who was born without a thyroid? I am congenital hypo… there are so few of us out there, and i am at the cusp of the testing, so not many before me either.
    i will have to look into this! Or, if you have any thoughts?

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m super interested in the program but also very nervous. It’s taken about 20 yrs for the Dr. To find out my problem but I was just diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and I’m wondering if it would do me any good? I’m a military wife and mom of 4 little ones so every penny counts! TIA!!

  3. Ashley says:

    Hi Erin,

    Thank you so much for this blog post. It describes me to a tee. Except, for me it’s been four years of this. My body just can’t handle it anymore. One intense exercise session and it goes into super inflammation mode, I retain water like crazy, I haven’t had a period in 4 years, my hormones are completely out of whack. Should I just trust the process and change everything I’ve ever known about working out?? Do you think there is still hope for me to turn it around?? I just can’t mentally or physically handle the hours of cardio anymore, the restriction, etc. Any advise you have would be fantastic. I would really appreciate it. I truly feel like I am at my wits end sometimes! Thank you so much!

  4. Shannon says:

    Hi there! Just love you! I stumbled on your Instagram today which led me to Ari’s which led me to buy his ebook which catapulted me to buy his program!

    I have hypothyroidism. (I’m 40, diagnosed when I was 38) I do take compounded meds and bioidentical hormones, kinda your same story, spending hundreds of dollars a month on them for almost two years, same yoyo effect for me too. Workout like crazy, eat what I think is “right”!! No Results! Who knew

    • erinhope00 says:

      Hey Shannon!

      You’re so sweet!! What’s your IG name? I’d love to follow you back 🙂

      You sound like me.. I would stay up late reading Ari’s stuff too 😉

      To answer your questions.. I don’t eat nuts, beans, or grains (besides white rice) anymore. If you saw a post of mine with that in it, it was BA, Before Ari 😉 How long did it take me to really feel GOOD? That’s a tough one because I felt SO much relief after the first few weeks. I did have a lot of ups and downs though, good days and bad. If I had to choose a time I would say about 2-3 months in I felt consistently great, sleeping well, getting leaner, etc.

      I hope that helps! Please email me Erin@FitRockerChick.com if you have any more questions, or if you just want to talk 🙂

  5. Angelika says:

    Hello Erin this post and yourself have served as an inspiration and a light at the end of the tunel. Last week i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a nodule, insulin resistance and polycistic ovary syndrome. Ive always been eating healthy and exercised but lately ive been gaining wait and retaining fluids. I feel like i dont know how to go with this. Im taking metformin and thyroid hormone pills, however my doctor said diet and exercise would be 70 percebt of my treatment. Please help me revert this terrible condition i need a miracle just like you.

  6. Rock Chick (Jade) (@RockMusicChick) says:

    Sounds like a really cool program mentioned to help us with slow thyroids. However the program is too expensive for those of us who are unable to work due to health issue and/or low income. But it does have me excited cuz so many ppl out there that can afford it will be to try this and it will work and so many ppl will be happy and we need more happy ppl on this earth. So thank u soooo much for sharing your story and mentioning what has worked for you. U ROCK!

  7. crystal says:

    hi so glad i stumbled upon your blog, i wrote you an email as well, with Ari’s plan does it pretty much stick with fish, chicken etc as far as meats go ? i am planning on purchasing his program, as i have hypothyroidism and hashimotos’ are the meal plans easy prep and easy to follow and or people such as myself just incase there are foods that are swappable if there is something in particular listed i can not have ? i have a slight food sensitivity to white potatoes sad but true but was just curuios on your feedback with all this

    • erinhope00 says:

      Hey Crystal! I’ll check my email!

      Ari’s plan does not just stick to fish and chicken.. his meal plan is VERY detailed and made incredibly simple! He tells you exactly what to have, what NOT to have, etc!

  8. Becca says:

    Providence that I happen to see your post tonight on Instagram. I needed a break from researching alternative methods to treading hypothyroidism. I no longer have a thyroid due to radio active ablation 14 years ago. Up until about 9 months ago my synthroid regiment was working well. I had completed a transformation program that had me dropping 15 pounds and and almost 10% body fat. I felt wonderful! Seemingly overnight my body stopped absorbing the synthroid and I’ve been fighting for dose increases ever since. I’m back up 10 pounds and 5% in body fat. I feel pretty crummy. I’m also insulin dependent diabetic and starting to feel pretty darn hopeless. I’m burning an average of 2350 calories daily and eating an average of no more than 1400-1500 mostly clean. I would say 80% clean always. I workout 4 x week average both weight training and HITT. The scale hasn’t budged in 6 months.

    Would Ari’s program be something that would work for me? Thank you for your time and for posting! -desperate and sleepless lol

    • fitrockerchick says:

      Hi Becca!

      I would suggest messaging Ari about this and he’ll shoot you straight. He is a great friend of mine and he always takes great care of my peeps so shoot him a message with all that info. Tell him Fit Rocker Chick told you to ask him that question and if there’s anything he can or can’t do for you, he’ll let you know right up front!


  9. Deserae Farrell says:

    Hi Erin!! I am 22 and I found out a couple of months ago that I have hyperthyroidism and I was just wondering if you knew anything about it or a way to treat it naturally .

    • fitrockerchick says:

      Hi Deserae!

      I’ve treated my thyroid naturally! Was it Hyper or Hypo?? Either way… The first person I would check with would be my great friend Ari! He is an expert with metabolism and thyroid health so he would a great resource. I mentioned him in the blog but you can read more about what he has to offer at http://www.tinyurl.com/MetabolismFire

      Or from that link, you should be able to visit his website and message him. He is a good friend of mine so be sure to let him know that Fit Rocker Chick sent you and he’ll take great care of you! 😉


  10. Jill says:

    Hi! I love watching you on periscope! After hearing you talk about adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism I wonder if I might have something but I don’t have all the symptoms that you talk about.. my main symptoms are that I’m tired usually all the time. I could take a nap pretty much anytime of the day. I also have two little kids (7&9) that constantly wake me up in the middle of the night so that could be part of the problem and that has been going on for years and years and I get up to pee 2-4 times a night because j get really thirsty at night even though I drink water all day, usually a gallon. my main concern though is whenever I work out I’m exhausted and have to take a nap it can be if I do I HIIT program or it can be if I just lift weights it doesn’t really matter what I do if I do any exertion whatsoever I’m exhausted and I also get really bad pounding headaches when my heart rate gets up near my max heart rate..I just got my thyroid tested and the doctor said my levels are fine. T3Free=2.09 T4Free=.74 TSH=.69 curious if u know if those are good and if u think I could have AF or HT… Thanks and again I love watching your periscopes!

  11. Laura Spitzer says:

    Hi Erin, I first came across you on Instagram and then I learned that you have thyroid issues and I was even more interested in your story. I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer 9 years ago and had my thyroid removed completely. I’ve been on this long process of trying to heal myself because traditional doctors only prescribe synthetic medicine and base my results on blood work and not so much on how I feel, which is usually tired, fatigued, with low libido and slow metabolism.
    Will your program and Ari’s work for someone like me that doesn’t have a thyroid and relies on medications to do what the thyroid did?


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