Hypothyroidism: Then vs Now

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Hypothyroidism: Then vs Now

I’ve always loved talking about things that no one else would to talk about… things like cellulite, poop, sex, and all the times I’ve messed up in my life.  But when Levi made me tell this story.. about my hypothyroidism.. for the first time, I literally sat on our living room floor and sobbed.  

I was so embarrassed of my thyroid symptoms, and really ashamed that I was sick at all.  

How in the actual was a health coach supposed to help people with their health if she was sick?!  

It didn’t make sense to me.

So I tried to keep the secret – but luckily I’m married to a hunky man who always pushes me to be better than my circumstances.

I told my thyroid story for the first time in 2014, and I’ve been telling it ever since!!!
#LikeABoss #CantTakeCredit #ItWasTheHubs

Now when I talk about things… I talk about things like cellulite, poop, sex, all the times I’ve mess up, and that one time thyroid disease tried to take me out but I kicked its ass instead!  hypothyroid, thyroid, story, advice, experience, healing, health

If this story resonated with you, here are a couple resources:


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