Hypothyroid: A tired face

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Hypothyroid: A tired face

It’s all fun and games until Hypothyroid tries to put the hurt on your face! 

If you’ve experienced it, you know… you just wake up one day and you don’t recognize yourself.

It’s “mirror mirror on the wall… WTF!”

A scene straight out of Death Becomes Her and we suddenly ran out of the magic potion.

Hypothyroid: a tired face

I’m never one to overstate things, but that’s basically the worst thing that could ever happen.

It’s not enough that hypothyroid zaps your energy, steals your creativity, makes you cranky, bloated, and a heat seeker for extra fat.  Nope.. it tries to go after your vanity too.  RUDE.

It’s like “oh, you thought eyelashes, fringe bangs, and a push up bra was going to get you through this time? Bahahahaaha”.

You try to smile and even that’s not quite right. 

I legitimately experienced this when Levi and I were taking a picture…
Levi: Erin smile!
Me: I am!!!

Ugh.  The hypothyroid struggle was real.  Erin circa 2013 was not, I repeat, NOT living her best life. 

I had puffy eyes, a swollen face, and I was getting wrinkles.

  • My skin wouldn’t glow even if I bathed in luminizers
  • Concealer couldn’t conceal the look of exhaustion on my face
  • No Kylie lip kit could fix my frozen smile
  • There was no contour trick that Kim K herself could teach me that would lift what I had going on.

I wondered… to they make Spanx for your face?  Sadly, the answer is no.

I already felt lazy from exhaustion, just generally crabby AF, fat, and now I was feeling UGLY?!!

God save the queen.  I had to do something. 

Even though I was too tired to do something, this was war and I’d rather have a black eye than wrinkles.  So I wasn’t going down without a fight.

Hypothyroid: a tired face

wearing ZERO foundation!

I had 3 options.

  1. Paper bag
  2. Buy stock in botox
  3. Figure this shit out

Obviously I opted for option 3!  

Again, I’m never one to be dramatic or overstate things.. but #ReverseAging for the win!

So if you’re in that place, I’m going to be serious for second and help a sister out… hypothyroid can make your skin dull, tired, and dry. Here's how I started to make my skin glow again!

Your thyroid affects every single cell in your body, including the ones on your face!  And a thyroid issue is a metabolic issue.  So when your metabolism is moving at a snails pace, you loose the cellular regeneration and collagen production that’s needed to have a firm, smooth, wrinkle free, vibrant, glowing face.  But you can regain it and let me just tell you..  when you turn up the heat in that metabolism again and stoke that fire… it’s like frolicking in the fountain of youth!

People ask me all the time.. “what foundation do you use? what skin care products do you use? _________?” But those are the wrong questions. It all starts with how I treat my body from the INSIDE out.

For my non-negotiable starting points check out my podcast episode, Eat Like This, Move Like That.


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