How to look cute when it’s cold AF

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How to look cute when it’s cold AF

On a recent trip home to South Dakota, my sister and I decided our morning walk would go down on the mean streets of the local YMCA. I normally take my morning walk outside. I will hoof it in rain, snow, cold, mud… all of it… but I draw the line at 4° – and it was literally 4° outside, you guys. Ridic.

As we were walking back out to the car she said “how do you do that?”
I replied “do what?!”
She said “look cute when it’s cold AF!”

I laughed and then looked around… everyone I saw (which in fairness wasn’t many, because who’s crazy enough to be outside in 4° weather) looked like the stay puft marshmallow man! If they had to bend down to tie their shoe it would border on state of emergency, and if they had to go anywhere quickly… well that would be a sight to behold! Definitely worth whipping out your cell phone to get a shot of.

As I thought about it, I realized.. I had a method! I had thought thru every piece of clothing I was putting on, because just like the marshmallow people.. For sure, I want to be super warm .. BUT, I want to be super CUTE too!

So in this week’s episode of FRC TV, I’m sharing my method with you!

In this episode…

  • How I stay warm without adding bulk!
  • Learn the trick Levi taught me for finding a great non-puffy coat
  • Discover my essential winter weather must haves

Check out my essentials here!


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