How to Deal with PMS

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How to Deal with PMS

I was 9 years old when I got my first period.


Picture it… 

Me whilst on the toilet certain that imminent death is upon me: “Mom! I think I got my period!”
My mother shouts back: “There’s tampons under the counter!”
Me an hour later:  Still on the toilet reading the tampon manual trying to figure out WTF my vagina is.

When I give my mom shit about her lack of empathy on that day she says “oh please, Erin.. that’s how some moms teach their kids to read.”   #ShitMyMomSays

Honestly, since I was 9 years old my period has been nothing a pain in my ass… to the point of having to be hospitalized.
It was GNARLY.
Especially considering my mom is a nurse and dad was a doctor… if you come from a medical family you know they’ll damn near let you die before they take you to the hospital😂

Bottom line… nobody hates their period more than me.
In fact, I challenge you to a period loathing duel.
However, let’s save the duel for a different day.. because right now I want to share my natural remedies for dealing with PMS!

That’s right!  I have figured out how to smoothly sail thru my period with little to no cramping, bloating, cravings, or bitchiness!  It is GLORIOUS and today I’m sharing my secrets with you!!

Got cramps? I got you!
In a mood during your cycle? I got you. Bloated and retaining water every month with Aunt Flo comes to town? Let’s discuss!

The goods:

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  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for this vid ! Truly helpful as I’m here on day 1 of “shark week “ and totally and completely dreading it and all the cramps and headaches it brings ..ugh! Will definitely be looking into your recommendations!

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