Break Your Sugar Habit

How to Break UP with Sugar

Everywhere I go these days I see “sugar detox”, “how to get sugar out of your life”, and it’s becoming VERY apparent that sugar is a first world issue and that people are ADDICTED to it.

It’s important that you know …  sugar is significantly more addicting than cocaine.  That’s no joke people, I’m not being dramatic.  The sugar that is found in processed foods is 8X MORE addictive than cocaine.  It’s real, and if you feel like you’re addicted to sugar, you are.

Here’s where I differ from most health experts – they think that you need to cut sugar out of your diet right away, like overnight, and I disagree. I feel like that can be detrimental to your health and leaves you only a small chance of success.  It has to be a process, so I believe that you need to slowly ween yourself off of sugar, so that it’s sustainable for life!
Having said that, how do you begin to detox from sugar or cut that out of your daily life?!


The first step is to figure out WHAT you are consistently eating that is filling your body full of sugar.  Now, for some people it is pastries, for some  it’s candy, or pop or soda, even for some people it’s wine or just eating junk food.  Regardless, the first step is to identify WHAT it is for YOU.
The second step is to figure out what you could have instead, what I like to call a “better bad”.  Basically just figuring out what you could have instead of that food.  So for example – if you’re used to eating Snickers, try a Quest bar.  If you are used to having Diet Coke, try Zevia.  If you are used to having ice cream, try coconut ice cream.  Just find SOMETHING that is a better choice, but still allows you to still “reach for something” but not have it be full of sugar.
The third step is to figure out when and why you are craving the sugar!  For example, most people crave sugar or reach for their sugar habit when they are stressed, or when they are sad, or when they are tired.  Reaching for sugar when you’re tired is a very common one!  If you don’t identify when you reach for these things, then how will you really be able to fix it?  You must find the TRIGGER.
I have all this broken down in my Sugar Detox Workbook that you can download at!  This workbook is designed to help you begin your detox from sugar.  It’s the EXACT formula I used to break my addiction.

Break Your Sugar Habit
A couple things to know:  You may always have a tendency to want to reach for chocolate or chips or drink a pop.  Detoxing from sugar is not about depriving yourself of that stuff forever, it’s just about finding a better solution and living that 80/20 rule. It’s about making a choice to eat something that is NOT poisoning you.  That is what sugar is doing my friends, sugar is slowly poisoning you.  Sugar is sharp, sugar literally cuts.  That’s why people who are addicted to sugar cannot lose weight, that’s why they have so much inflammation, that’s why they have so much joint pain.  And I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT FRUIT.  I’m talking about processed sugar,  junk food, things that are not found in nature.  So if you want to go have fruit, then go on with your bad self!

Lastly and very significantly – high fructose corn syrup is going to exasperate things and make it worse.  Even if you fully detox from sugar, reintroducing HFCS can re-trigger all of the addictions that you once had.  It’s the worst.