How I Whiten My Teeth

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How I Whiten My Teeth

I like my teeth like I like my cake… WHITE.

But I also like my coffee and tequila.

Ok fine.. Tequila really has nothing to do with it.
But I figured as long as I’m listing my favorite beverages, I’d be remiss not to list big T.

Anywho… white teeth.
That’s the subject of the day.

Whitening teeth with chemicals is easy.. Crest White Strips all day long.
But when it comes to Natural Teeth Whitening.. people will do some weird $#!%.

Take Oil Pulling for example. 
I tried it.
They wanted me to swish oil around in my mouth for 20 minutes?! 
I lasted 3.5 minutes.
Ewww to the maximum.
I’m not about that life.

Do not sign me up for this voodoo.
Hard pass.

Activated Charcoal is another one.
It definitely works, it’s also definitely a pain in the ass.
It’s hard to get all the black stuff off your teeth and it’s just too much for me.

I already floss and brush my teeth 2x a day… adding another brushing with charcoal is just irritating.  I mean, what more do you want from me?!

As aforementioned.. back in the day, when I didn’t care about the toxins I was putting in my body, I would just use Crest White Strips.  HOWEVER, in addition to being terrible for you.. they made my teeth sooooo sensitive I couldn’t even enjoy my delicious, yet chemical laden, beverage of choice at the time … Diet Coke.

I was what you’d call a “diet coke a-holic” for at least 12 years of my life, guys. The kind that wakes up and stumbles to the fridge just to hear the sweet sound of * Ka-Click Pop KcSsshhhh * followed by the BURN that hurt so good going down my throat.  Anyone feeling me on this one? The addiction was REAL and ignorance was bliss… until one day a friend informed me of the horrid ingredients.

Praise the risen LORD for Zevia.

Moving on…
Don’t get me wrong, if I was stuck between a rock and a yellow tooth place, in a desperate moment I might slap on a strip… but luckily I don’t have to.

Years ago during one of my colon hydrotherapy sessions, I asked my colon hydrotherapist how she got her teeth so white.  That’s when she told me about Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste. #LifeChanging
This stuff is MAGIC!
It’s really not advertised as a whitening toothpaste per say.. but it lays it DOWN!

Click here to purchase!

Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste is now ALL I use to whiten my teeth!
It has only 9 ingredients.. clay, sea salt, and essential oils.
The clay and sea salt are what polish your teeth to a pearly white finish!

This is not your average natural toothpaste.

I know several women who have switched to natural toothpastes and their dentists were less than impressed. 
Not all toothpastes are created equal!

My dentist however.. Every time I’m he says “if only everyone took care of their teeth like you”.

AND the dental assistant always likes to show me that my teeth are as white as they get on the spectrum. 

So.. there you have it!
Because friends don’t let friends have yellow teeth. 

My favorite flavor is Cinnamon.
Levi’s favorite flavor is Spearmint.
Oh!  And their Breath Freshener is the JAM!!  I always keep a bottle in my purse. 

  1. Diane Allen says:

    Erin, your teeth have ALWAYS looked gorgeous…but, you have me about convinced to try this tooth paste.

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