Hashimotos: Not a doomsday diagnosis

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Hashimotos: Not a doomsday diagnosis

The craziest thing happened when we were in Italy…

Levi had just ran back up to our hotel room in Positano to grab the camera. I stayed outside the restaurant because I just wanted to let him feel like my knight in shining armor❤️  (i.e. we had already climbed about 25000 steps that day and my buns needed a breather).

I had only been waiting about 5 minutes when a girl and her husband walked by. She was just a few steps past me when she stopped and turned around. She came back up to me and said “Hey.. are you @FitRockerChick on Instagram?

Actual footage of my reaction:


How freaking CRAZY is that?! I mean, I meet people who recognize me all the time, but in the U.S. It was insane that it was on a side street in Positano someone said “I recognize you!”

I shook my head yes and smiled, she replied “I knew it was her!” to her husband. 

Then she said “I just started following you. I just got diagnosed with Hashimotos.”
I replied “Oh! You’ll be fine.. it’s no big deal!”

You guys. The look of relief on her and her husbands face was palpable.

I said it like it was nothing – “oh that’s no big deal!” because that’s what it is to me.

I truly believe I was waiting there on that side street not for Levi and the camera, but for her.

And now, we’re on this E-side street and I’ve been waiting for YOU.

Waiting to tell you… Hashimotos is not a doomsday diagnosis.

Hashimotos has no power. You…
…can live an amazeballs life with no trace of the symptoms.
…don’t have to suffer.
…don’t have to let it define you.

Do NOT buy in to the fear tactics.
Don’t let fear make you believe you’re in for a life of suffering.
It’s no big deal.

You’re going to be fine! 💋

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