Goals: Set’em. Crush’em.

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Goals: Set’em. Crush’em.

How many times have you started a new year by writing out your resolutions and crazy big dreams and goals, only to end that same year disappointed because you missed the mark on said dreams?

There’s no shame in that game, sister.  I used to do that every year, too.

Ever get lost in an Instagram sea of “their life is awesome and mine sucks?!’ and start thinking you should be “further along” by now?!  Ugh.. the “further along” trap.

How bout this… ever set a killer goal, achieve it, and feel ‘meh’ about achieving it?  Like it actually wasn’t as cool as you thought it would be?!

I know, dude!  I’ve been there too!

Listen, I’ve read the books, gone to the seminars, and even personally met the “big wigs” that teach goal setting.  But it wasn’t until 2 years ago I had a HUGE moment of clarity and realized… damn near all of them forget to teach you ONE very crucial thing ->  HOW to navigate where your life is NOW to where you WANT it to go!

Let’s be real, setting a goal is a piece of cake!  It’s exciting and anyone can do it. It’s the navigation from HERE to THERE that’s the tricky part… but I got you boo!

I’m here to share my tricks for setting and CRUSHING goals!

In this episode…

  • Learn how I set goals
  • Discover the method to designing the life of your DREAMS!
  • Find out how to improve every area of your life TODAY

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