Get the Look – MakeUp Tutorial

Before we “get the look”, I have to tell you how I roll when it comes to make-up so you know what to expect…

I don’t do fancy and I don’t do contour, so if you’re looking for that stuff I am not your girl!  I never use more than 2 eyeshadow colors at one time and I don’t do any looks that take over 10 minutes.  I like effortless, edgy looks that just enhance your natural beauty.

Also, I’m going to give you the deets in the order that I do them.. whether this way is right or wrong, it’s the way I do it 🙂

Ok.. now we can get started.

Step 1:  Groom and fill in your eyebrows.  Since I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed, I like Anastasia Brow Pomade . I just use the tiniest bit here or there.

Step 2:  Prep your “canvas”.  So here’s my thing with foundation.. I don’t use it.  I just put concealer where I need it, that way I get the natural look that I prefer.  For this look I used NYX Dark Circle Concealer under my eyes, and then Amazing Cosmetics concealer around my nose, a little on my chin, and then I go under my eyes again.  Make sure you warm the concealer up between your fingers before you apply, it makes it melt into the skin much easier.

Step 3: Curl your eyelashes.  If Beyonce needs to curl her lashes, so do you.

Step 4: Apply lid primer.  I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and I apply it on the top lid AND underneath my lower lash line as well.  (applying it underneath the lower lashes is a trick of mine.. I’ll tell you why in a minute.)

Step 5:  Line your top lid AND your lower water line with jet black eye liner.  I’ve been using NARS Larger Than Life for a long time and still love it.  It Cosmetics black liner is great too.  Whatever you use, make sure you don’t stop too soon when lining the top lid.. the liner should go out PAST the corner of your eye slightly in an UPWARD direction.  That gives the illusion of a perkier eye and who doesn’t love that!  Also, don’t go skimpy on the liner.. make a nice THICK line on your upper lid because we’re going to smudge it out and blend it with the eyeshadow in the next step.

Step 6: Bring in the heat with a pop of color on your eyes!  For this look I used MAC Bronze.  Apply a good amount to your eyeshadow brush, apply it all over the lid up to the crease and smudge it into the liner.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, nothing ever is, that’s why we BLEND.  Go over the top of the eyeshadow with a blending brush and blend it into the crease of your eye.

Step 7: Apply the Bronze shadow underneath your lower lash line.  Yes, underneath.   This is THE key step to achieving the effortlessly smokey eye.  It gives it that lived in, done but undone look that I love SO MUCH!  You will rarely find me without shadow of some sort under my lower lash line… it’s my jam.

Step 8: Mascara or Fake lashes.. pick your pleasure!  My favorite mascara of all time is Diorshow Blackout Waterproof.  Whatever you use, one coat is not enough.  Apply one coat, let it dry, and go back in for round two!

Step 9: Bronzer.  Benefit Dallas works perfectly with the Bronze shadow.  I apply it with a big fluffy brush on my cheeks and under my chin.

Step 10: Invite your lips to your face party!  Here I’m wearing MAC Pink Plaid with MAC Fashion Scoop cremesheen gloss over the top.. it’s one of my staple combinations!

And BOOM.  You’re done!

My last step is always a quick once over with my concealer to touch up!  Look for any eyeshadow that may have fallen, any areas that may need a little bit more concealer, any areas that need blending, and you’re good to go!