What to expect:

Fitness is my Witness is a 4 week program that includes a private support group. In this PRIVATE online community, I am going to personally coach you to not just get physically strong, but spiritually strong so that you can shine your light to the world! I want to help you make a shift in your health and truly understand what it means to lean on God for strength. I want to help you change the way you think about what you do, how you eat, how you move your body, how you value your physical health, and most importantly the way you think about yourself so you can leave your mark on this world.


Prep & Get centered

  • Getting your head right 
  • Foundational fuel 
  • Plan to win 
  • Purge 
  • Prep 


Renew your mind

  • Your strongest weapon 
  • Conquering negative beliefs
  •  Breaking old habits 
  • What defines you? 
  • Discipline 


Get strong 

  • Sweat it out 
  • Discipline 
  • Eating to Live 
  • Conquering Cravings 
  • Physical Strength 


True Strength 

  • Do not grow weary 
  • Overcoming setbacks 
  • Seeing the beauty 
  • Iron sharpens Iron 
  • Praise and Perseverance 

This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to take charge of your life 
  • You have a sense of humor 
  • You want to change who you see in the mirror 
  • You're ready to surround yourself with like-minded women
  • You want to become your strongest self 
  • You want to learn to "let go and let God" 
  • You wouldn't mind looking better in a bikini

If you’re a "10" on the scale of motivated to make a change, click Apply Now. 


About Erin


My name is Erin. I’m a coach, musician, author, entrepreneur, and I’m the founder of Fit Rocker Chick LLC. I spend most of my days researching health related topics, sharing what I learn with my peeps on Facebook, and chillin’ with my bearded hunk and 2 fur babies!

You ready?