Fall Wardrobe Must Haves

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Fall Wardrobe Must Haves

In this week’s vlog, I take you through my fall pieces (rock style, of course!) and how I wear them.

For most people, fall may be a time for brown boots, plaid scarfs and really warm sweaters, but not for this girl. No ☝🏼 uh-uh.fall, outfit, wardrobe, jacket, pants, date night, going out

My worst nightmare is actually being “like most people”. Others have the “naked” dream where they show up late to a test wearing absolutely nothing – I have the “look the same” dream where I show up and everybody else is wearing the same clothes as me 😳 (it’s fine – I’ll work through it in therapy)

But because you’re my homie, I’m gonna share my style with you and teach you how to put together outfits the way I do!

As you bring out the bins of fall clothes, watch this vlog and edge up your style 😎🤘🏼

In this episode, find out…

  • The clothing item I hate
  • What color scheme I am completely in love with right now
  • The clothing item NOT to wear on an airplane
  • The style I rock that people normally say “I wouldn’t have thought to put that together…”
  • The playlist I’m obsessed with

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