Energy Fix: Light Therapy!

There are a few types of light therapy that I do: two of which are white light therapy and red light therapy.  White light therapy in particular is great for energy!

A lot of people spend most of of their day indoors. Even if you seem to get a lot of natural light through the windows in your home or office, the amount of light is still much lower outside.  In the evening, when our internal clock needs to wind down, we are hit hard by all the artificial light coming from lamps, computer monitors, cell phones, and TV screens.

Just by changing the amount of daily light you get –  amazing increases in energy, improvements in mood and quality of sleep can occur within DAYS!

Not only does white light therapy boost energy levels big time, it also combats depression and seasonal sadness or mood disorders!  People struggling with these issues generally need more energy and blue light gives an immediate energy boost.

It emulates the sun, mimicking its habits of giving us energy and making us feel happy!  In fact, the Science and Psychiatry Center of America found that light therapy works better for depression (seasonal and general) than Prozac.  Yep.  That just goes to show that you cannot just take a pill to heal your body.

I personally use white light therapy first thing in the morning!  My setup includes this simple light called Lightphoria.


As soon as I wake up, I go and pour myself a cup of coffee and sit in front of my light for about 20 minutes allowing it to shine on as much of my skin as possible.  It feels amazing!

Most people can quickly recharge with a short session of light therapy (sometimes as little as 10 minutes) when they first feel an energy slump!  So give it a shot!!

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