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Edgy Outfits for the Office

I got this message from a friend last month:

Riddle me this, Batman…

How do you dress like a sassy ass rock chick…in business attire…including a name tag….in a beige office?  Any suggestions?!

My response: 

“Well first… the name tag goes in the trash can #duh, the beige walls are just your backdrop, and I’ll text you exactly what you need – stand by!”

Ahem… edgy outfits for the office ->

In this episode…

  • Make ALL outfits into edgy outfits
  • The pieces I recommend
  • My styling tricks

My Edgy Outfit Pieces:

Today I'm sharing how to maintain an edgy style - even in the office! . . . edgy outifts, edgy fashion, edgy clothes, office outfits, edgy office outfits, edgy, sassy, sassy outfits, sassy clothes, office, business attire, business, fitrockerchcik, fit rocker chick, style, edgy style, confidence

Now that you have your edgy outfits ready for work, check out my easy everyday makeup look – with an edge!

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