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Dust Bunnies

Everybody has days when they just feel down or as I like to call it “in a funk”, everybody.  But there is a big difference in being “in a funk” and being unhappy.  A “funk” comes suddenly and leaves fairly quickly as well, I’ve said before that I like to put time limits on my “funks”!  I just tell myself that I have 15 minutes (or whatever time you choose) to be ALL UP IN this funk and then I’m OVER IT!

Being unhappy however, is a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, and all sorts of other unpleasantness.  There is one thing in particular about unhappiness that I wanted to talk about though- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “If I could just lose 10 or 20lbs I’d be happy”.

What I want to say in response to that is “I hate to burst your bubble, but sheyeah right!”.  This is where the #TruthTime comes in so listen close and I say this from a place of love… NO AMOUNT OF WEIGHT LOSS CAUSES LONG TERM HAPPINESS.  No one is truly happy just because they fit into their skinny jeans or wear a size 2.  You’ve seen all the celebs, super thin and hot messes!

What WILL make you happy is dealing with the CRAP that caused you to put ON the weight in the first place!  Here’s the deal- When you commit to losing weight and to getting healthy, and you actually put some effort behind it, you begin to feel your sense of self-worth and pride in yourself rise!  You begin to see yourself as the person you want to be not because the weight is coming off, but because you are doing what it takes!  You feel proud of yourself for doing the work and for putting value on yourself and your health.

So here’s the question-  Why then do so many people experience a total life transformation with weight loss if losing the actual weight doesn’t cause happiness?  Here’s why:  because as the weight comes off your literally peeling back the layers and can start to clearly see what was really causing you pain and unhappiness all along!  The reason people experience such a life transformation after they change their body is because they were forced to deal with their mental and emotional STUFF.

I’ll be real with you, after I got really physically fit is when I decided to try EMDR therapy.  Not because I was unhappy, but because I had put in so much effort to get my physical body as healthy as possible that it put a spotlight on the emotional stuff I needed to deal with.  And knowing that I had the strength it took to get physically fit gave me the confidence to know that I had the strength that it would take to get emotionally fit too.

See what happens is ONCE THE EXTRA WEIGHT IS GONE ,YOU CAN’T BLAME IT ANYMORE … you are forced to deal with the real issues OR put the weight right back on because the issues seem too scary.  Getting one part of your life all straightened up and in order puts a spotlight on the other parts of your life that need work.

It’s like cleaning… when your bedroom is a mess with clothes all over the floor, the bed all disheveled, etc, you can’t really see beyond that.  But once you make the bed and put the clothes away you’re like Holy Crap HUGE dust bunnies everywhere!!!  So you go get your swiffer, clean up the dust bunnies, take a deep breath and enjoy your sparkly clean room!

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