Erin & Mya

How to help your fur baby drop a few lbs…

Alright guys, it’s confession time. There’s been a realllll life situation going on at my crib lately.

Erin & Mya

Let’s talk about Mya…

For YEARS now, her and I have been going for a hike every morning.. she’s always been SUPER active and super high energy. I only feed her the best food and food that fuels her because #duh, she’s my baby and I practice what I preach. But lately she’s been gaining weight. At first it didn’t make any sense to me because like I said, she’s super high energy, active all day, eats great, is playful and spunky! I just couldn’t freaking figure it out … until the other day. I caught her red-handed, ears deep in Baloo’s food. Ummmm, that’s a problem. Baloo’s food is hella high calorie (the good kinds of calories, not crap), because the dude would rather have snuggles than food so it’s hard to get him to eat. However, Mya’s love language is FOOD so it seems she’s been helping a brother out :/

Finally.. it all made sense!

My first thought.. “easy! I’ll just make damn sure she doesn’t get any more of Baloo’s food”. The problem was, my poor sweet girl had gotten used to eating that high calorie stuff so she had some SERIOUS cravings we had to take care of.

Enter the green beans and pumpkin diet!

For 3 days she ate only green beans and pumpkin to combat the cravings, yet keep her on a nutrient dense diet, and also feeling full… cuz no one wants a ravenous dingo on their hands, lol! She crushed the cravings, but we still supplement her kibble with green beans and pumpkin to make sure she’s feeling full & satisfied! I know for my Mya girl, she can’t go as hard or as long when she’s packing on the extra pounds. Plus, it’s hard on her joints and not great for her heart… and my baby deserves the best!!

I know a lot of my peeps are dog people too, so I had to share. If you have a dog that’s a little overweight, you might try reducing their kibble by 1/3 and supplementing with 1/3 cup green beans and 1/4 cup pumpkin! They love it!!!