DIY Halter Top from T-shirt (No sewing)

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DIY Halter Top from T-shirt (No sewing)

Today, I’m showing you how to turn a boring t-shirt into a sassy halter top!

Hi, my name is Erin and I’m a vintage t-shirt addict.

Legit, my wardrobe is 90% vintage band tees.
It’s a full on hoarding situation.
There’s just one problem.. I have an aversion to regular t-shirts and I don’t like sleeves.
Ok, technically that’s 2 problems, but both of them can be solved with a little snip snip ✂️✂️ action.

I started altering my own clothes by way of scissors about 15 years ago and have never looked back.  It was the equivalent of Andy discovering the Chanel boots in The Devil Wears Prada, for me. There’s no going back from that.

I even keep a travel scissors in my suitcase because I never leave home without them! 

Levi keeps trying to warn me that TSA is going to take them away one day, and I keep assuring him that IF that day comes I will calmly explain to the TSA that these aren’t just any scissors… that these are for fixing boring, ordinary, unfortunate clothing mishaps.

Honestly, they’ll probably give me a special carry permit for my travel scissors since I’m doing the world such a service… ridding it of boring t-shirts one snip at a time.

I should probably consider having business cards made. 

Anywho, there are a metric TON of ways to cut t-shirts to make them unique and magically YOU!  Custom cut shirts are huge part of my edgy look.. With the right cuts, I can make a fitted t-shirt loose fitting, or an oversized shirt hug you in all the right places. 

Where to get the goods:


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