DIY Dry Shampoo!

Haven’t found a dry shampoo that successfully combats all the mcNastyness you want it to?  I feel ya homie.  Might I suggest you give this all natural DIY a shot!!!  It’s super simple, only 2 ingredients that you can find easily, AND some of my peeps have found it lasts longer than regular dry shampoo for them!

1/4 cup Arrowroot powder
Optional: 5-8 drops of your fave essential oil (I’m digging lemon, lavender, and peppermint these days!)

I usually just sprinkle a little on my part (as well as any other greasy areas) and rub it in with my fingers.. BUT, you can also use a fluffy makeup brush!  Just dip it in your shampoo mixture and get after it!

If you are a dark haired lady like myself, just add some cocoa powder to the mix!  Just mix equal parts arrowroot and cocoa powder and your favorite essential oils.  BOOM!

Man.. leave it to good old mother nature to take care of even our hair needs!