Boost Your Thyroid While You Detox

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Boost Your Thyroid While You Detox

I’m about to change your life with 4 words … Infrared Sauna Light Therapy.    

I know what you’re thinking.. LIGHTS?!  Erin has officially lost her mind.

Sister, trust me!

I’ve been using Infrared Sauna therapy every morning (and forcing my clients to do the same thing) for YEARS to detox, boost energy, healing, increase thyroid function, reduce inflammation, weight loss, the whole nine!

Studies show that light therapy works for increasing energy, increasing thyroid function, reducing wrinkles, reducing cellulite, and reducing inflammation. Even helps with depression! Studies show that light therapy works better for depression (seasonal and general) than Prozac. <- Yes, HOLY $#!& is an appropriate response.

Now, I’m usually nekked in here.. but I’m going to spare you and keep it PG for a behind the scenes tour of Infrared Sauna Therapy!

In this episode…

  • Discover my detox secret
  • Learn why I started using light therapy
  • See my very favorite sauna in action!

Check out the saunas here!

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